3 Ways to Avoid Unpaid Invoices

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The most convenient way to stop trying to collect on numerous delinquent invoices is to stay away from them in the first place.

These four tips and hints can help you get paid on time and in full more frequently:

1. Study prospective clients Beforehand

Oftentimes you won’t learn that a client won’t ( or can’t ) pay until it’s far too late. To prevent unpaid invoices, search for these red flags up front :

  • Do they talk about having a restricted budget?
  • Are they an undersized company with minimal resources?
  • Do they question your rates?
  • Are they chaotic from the start?

2. Be Timely

Your terms may vary, however usually, once the project is finished – and both parties are happy – it’s time for you to turn in your invoice.

The longer you wait, the longer you hold up your payment. In addition, you reduce the possibility that you’ll be paid at all.

By simply following the tips above, you’ll help reduce your client payment issues.

But what if you currently have an unpaid invoice?

3. Follow Up Politely

Unpaid invoices occasionally slip through the cracks. Before getting upset, send a courteous follow-up note to check in.

Your client may have simply forgot. Or your request regarding payment might have wound up in their spam folder.

Often times a short “Just checking in” message can get an unpaid invoice resolved.

At this moment, you’ll want to stay away from any “past due” remarks to make sure a good working relationship with the client moving forward ( presuming their inability to pay was merely a mistake and it’s resolved in a timely manner).

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