4 Direct Mail Fundraising Design Tips

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Four Direct Mail Fundraising Design Tips

Whether you are an organization, individual, religious body or non for profit organization that wants to raise funds through the direct mailing campaign, what you must understand is that your direct mail design tips matters a lot in determining the success of your fundraising. Your mailing designs may attract or put of your prospective donors. It is important to design your direct mails in such a way that it would be hard for anyone who reads them to just discard them without giving a positive response to your requests. These designs aren’t limited to arts alone, as that is what a lot of people count as designs. It also involves the contents of your direct mail that would make it appealing to the prospective donors. This post is going to look at four design tips that would make your direct mail fundraising campaign a success.

Adopt Eye catching Designs

In making your direct mail fundraising design tips, ensure to adopt eye catching design tips. This would catch the attentions of your prospects and may prompt them to want to read it. Remember your prospective donors receive quite a number of direct mails that are demanding for the same thing you are demanding for daily. The truth is some of these mails are discarded immediately before they could even read what message it carries. If you come up with a colorful and catchy design though, this may make your prospective donors take a hard look at your mail and they would be able to see the message it carries as well which would definitely increase the efficiency of your direct mail campaign.

Personalize Your Mails

When it comes to the success of direct mails of any kind, nothing beats the personalization strategy. Direct mailing ordinarily is about sending mails to people who you may not have met in the past and getting them to trust you. In reality though, people don’t usually trust people they are not used to or at least comfortable with. By personalizing your direct mails, you would be breaking down some resistance which comes from the fact that your prospective donors don’t know you and are not used to you in anyway. You are advised to introduce yourself with your first name and always maintain the conversations in such way. You would also be best advised to address your prospects with their first names. Instead of saying Dear Donor, or Dear Mr. Adkins, you could use Hi David or Dear John.

Be Specific About Your Demands

Ensure your mail is specific about the financial demands you need from your prospective donors. Don’t leave what you expect from them to their initiative. In the past, people who are specific in their direct mail fundraising demands have gotten better responses compared to people who just left it to the initiatives of the prospective donors. You could actually write things like ‘we would be elated if you can fund our project with $100 as it will go a long way in actualizing our dreams’.

Include a Call to Action

Including a call to action in your direct mail fundraising design would increase the chances of your success. There is no point sending a mail to a prospective donor without including a line or link that could guide such individual to make their donations. You should have a link that looks like this ‘To make your donations, click here’ or ‘Make your donations now’.

Get your fundraising mail campaign started by following these simple tips in designing your direct mails and you are on your way to having a successful campaign.

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