5 Benefits of Using Direct Mail For Your Political Campaign

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Direct Mail marketing has the power and impact a good marketing campaign needs. There are neuromarketing studies that demonstrate the power in a direct mail marketing campaign.

1)Direct Mail is More Likely To Drive Action

In a neuromarketing study, Direct Mail  has a 20% higher response rate than digital media. These numbers were larger when additional sensory features. The more sensory inputs you provide with your digital campaign, the more it engages the brain.  This engagement proves that the direct mail marketing experience to be more memorable and pleasurable than digital media.
A USPS, statistic demonstrates that, “

2) Direct Mail is Easier To Process And Recall

In this same study, one of the results demonstrates that direct mail takes 21% less cognitive energy than digital media. This study also demonstrates that when asked to recall the brand the recall rate was 75% higher if they were exposed to direct mail versus the 44% rate with digital. When you’re campaigning for your voters to trust an recall your message. These statistics demonstrate that they are more likely to remember your message.

3) Direct Mail is More Persuasive

This study measured that motivation is a measured as approach-avoidance behavior which means the feeling of wanting that drives urges and decision-making. You want your campaign to make your audience vote for your candidate. The direct mail’s motivation score proved 30% higher than the neuromarketing benchmark for motivation. If a direct mail marketing can persuade a person into voting, then this is a strategy that will prove beneficial for you campaign.

4) Direct Mail is More Likely To Engage Your Audience

A USPS study demonstrates that since direct mail is a more personalized method it is more likely to engage your audience. Statistics show that 44% of mail addressed to a specific person is read immediately. 84% of consumers are more likely to open a direct mail piece if it is personalized. A personalized experience will gain your audience’s trust and therefore will be more likely to trust your candidate’s campaign and vote.

5)   Direct Mail After Digital Heightens Impact

Another USPS study confirms that, “when a direct mail follows an email, brand recall is 40% higher compared to recalls for other single-media campaigns.” This shows that only physical stimuli improves message reinforcement in a way that digital media on its own cannot. This incorporates a unique advantage to a political campaign, that will heighten the success of your campaign.

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