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Direct mail is very important, especially at the beginning of a business or an investment. Everyone is walking around with an internet connected phone in their hands or in their pockets. Mailing someone directly at their house might show a spike a higher level of interest or complete disinterest all at the same time.  Five tips in improving the quality and visibility of your direct mail are:

  1. CONSISTENCY: A direct mail from a business might go unseen or unnoticed. It is said that one might need to send a mail from the same address up to four times or even more for it to get noticed. Most people who receive direct mail usually have specific and consistent correspondents, and one should try to be one of them.
  2. CONTENT: What are the contents of said Direct Mail? What are you trying to encourage people to buy or use? What functions are you trying to promote? It is advisable to get straight to the point and not dillydally. A simple,” Dear Sir/Madam” or what their titles may be should suffice. Avery long mail might look like a chore to the average busy person so they might end up postponing it and probably end up forgetting to read it altogether.
  3. PERSONALIZATION: It is very possible to know your Direct Mail recipient/ correspondent down to the last detail, so that one might tailor the Direct Mail to suit their experience or personality. Not just the address or title, but knowing your recipient’s age, gender, and even profession/ career line might go a long way in sending that very good email. For example, sending a Direct Mail to a retired college professor on baby powder might be a waste of time, if not entirely. But sending it to a young woman who is a doctor might give more results, she will most likely know who needs baby powder or even want to use it herself.
  4. GRAPHICS: Your direct mail should have noticeable and attractive graphics, especially if you want to create a long-lasting effect on your correspondent’s mind. Especially now, when the attention span of the average adult is said to be about eight seconds. When one picks up the envelope at their doorstep, what do you want them to see first? Blank paper? The icon or logo of what you are trying to market? Or just postal stamps? The first impression is always the most important.
  5. CONSUMER LIST: Before you start to send your emails, one should already know who the correspondents or recipients should be. Creating a list is the best way to do this. A compilation of their names, address, genders and other things that might also help in constructing the Direct Mail that will be sent to each individual.

According to findings, Direct Mail has dropped but the responses to it has increased by twenty to twenty-three percent in the past couple of years. Sending a Direct Email might seem out of touch but it is certainly a way to make your potential client feel very important. Out of date is not always equal to out of taste.

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