5 Tips To Get Clients To Pay

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The reward for getting a job done is being paid for the service you have rendered or for the products you have sold. But there are some clients that who find it difficult to pay on time, It’s annoying and one sometimes doesn’t know which way to go in order to get payment.

Here are five tips to make sure you get paid:

  1. Always request to be paid an advance before starting the job.

Sometimes, it is better to ask for an upfront before you start the job or deliver the products, because some clients are going to be ask to pay you later. It gives you assurance that when you get an advance the rest would be paid as soon as the job is done, the client also understands that you mean business.  

  1. Give them other payment options.

Sometimes clients would complain and say it’s because they don’t have cash available that’s why they can’t pay at the time you want them to pay.which is why using other payment options is important, you can give them an account number to pay to, or have a POS machine, where they can easily pay with their cards, so you can avoid delay.

  1. Send invoices before starting the job.

Send the clients invoices and make sure the payment date is clearly written on it, let them see clearly the amount agreed to be paid for the service or the product. This stops them from coming up with excuses for why they have not paid on time, and gives you proof in case they try to deny getting it.

  1. Send reminders:

When they are not responding to your request for payment, send reminders. Call, send emails to let them know that you are still expecting payment. And when doing this, do it politely and not come off as rude while speaking to them.

  1. Reach out legally:

When all the very subtle messages you are trying to send doesn’t bring results, and your client still refuses to pay you, the best thing is reach out legally. Get in touch with your lawyer to send them a letter demanding that you should be paid and if not they will meet you in court.

Your client would be willing to pay for any job you do for them promptly, after you have used these tips.

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