5 Tips To Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

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If you are a marketer, then you must have realized that direct mail marketing is here to stay. A number of marketers are witnessing unbelievable ROI from modern direct mail, but are looking for ways to make it even more lucrative. So the million dollar question is; how can you improve your direct mail marketing and make your response rates better?

With a little more of creativity backed with specific targeting, proper data analysis, and thorough research, you can give your direct mail response rates the well-needed jolt and engage more customers. So, here are 5 tips to improve your direct mail response rates:

  1. Segment Your Mailing List and Personalize Your Mails

One interesting way to improve your response rates is to split your mailing list into categories. This means that you can send out direct mails that are more appropriate to recipients, which is much more likely to generate a quick response. After doing that, make sure your mail is directed to them personally and includes personalized contents like product recommendations based on what they’ve purchased before. This will get them to read your mail, and increase your response rates.

  1. Define a Clear Offer and Call-to-Action

What is the aim of your direct mail? Are you doing it for reactivation or retention, acquisition or awareness? You need to define the aim of your mail in advance. Once you’ve chosen your goal, you need to align it with your call-to-action and offer. Do you intend to sell more? Then you must include an incentive or unique offer with a code to use in your store or website.

  1. Make it Easy For Customers to Respond

This might seem a bit obvious, but it would surprise you how easily this can be a blunder in a direct mail campaign. You don’t want to get your customers all psyched about a product and then they don’t find a number to call, or don’t get an answer at your call center, or let’s say your website loads slowly or has a credit system offline. These are all things you need to put into consideration to make it easy for your customers to respond to your mail.

  1. Integrate With Technology

To increase your response rates, integrate your direct mail with technology like NFC and QR codes. These take people automatically to your website once they are done reading your mail, and make it easier to buy your product or services.

  1. Track Your Investment

Finally, you would want to work with other platforms like Google Analytics to track your investments and see how far you’ve come. This allows you to market directly to customers and also track how many people visited your website from the direct mail.


Using the right tips, you can stand out from your competitions by using direct mails and connecting with your customers in a more personalised manner. Be it a supplement for your online marketing efforts or a stand-alone campaign, these tips can help you generate amazing ROI from direct mails and improve your response rates.


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