7 Tips to Improve The Effectiveness of Your Postcards

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One of the main reasons businesses are attracted to postcard printing is its cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to other marketing strategies. However, there are some mistakes you want to avoid toe ensure your postcard printing is as cost effective as possible.

The wrong way to commission postcard printing

In the past, you could order your postcards by calling and finding the cheapest printer in town. You then gather up a mailing list of prospects (or gather up your own mailing from your clients). You spend the next several hours, or even days, addressing the postcards by hand. You then spend another hour placing the appropriate postage on the postcards before making a special trip to the post office. While this is one approach to postcard printing, it can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

A more convenient, streamlined option

A more convenient, effective approach is to work with a company that offers postcard printing and mailing. These companies will take your mailing lists and automatically print the address on them for you. Then, for the added cost of a stamp, they will put on the postage and send the postcards to your customers.

This approach to postcard printing will usually save you time and money. Often, the charge for printing the postcards is only a few more cents than the cost of the stamp. In addition, when you calculate the time saved in addressing and stamping the postcards yourself, this approach is even more effective.

  1. Design the perfect postcard

Keep in mind that regardless of the company you choose to perform your postcard printing and mailing, your postcard’s message will only be effective if it is well designed.

To make sure that your postcard printing is effective

  1. Use a well-written headline.

You have about two seconds to catch the reader’s attention, and thus, the headline should be powerful. It should be easy to read, bold, and stand out from everything else on the postcard.

  1. Use graphics to your advantage.

Graphics can make or break a postcard; choose ones that clearly illustrate your branding strategy or message.

  1. Choose an image that is of the highest quality.

Quality is essential when it comes to postcard printing to ensure your company is seen as a professional and that your potential clients get the best first impression of your company at all times.

  1. Have a clear call for action.

Your postcard should be a way of opening the door to business. This means that it has to have a clear call to action, whether it is to visit your website, come to a sale, or call for an appointment.

  1. Don’t over-inform.

If your postcard looks like a textbook, no one will read it. Simply give them the basic information that they need to know, and only enough to stimulate the reader’s interest. Keep the postcard as simple as possible.

  1. Brand Recognition

One way that postcard marketing can also be quite helpful for your business is that it can help put your own brand out in the market that you are trying to reach. It can be a good way to help establish your brand slowly until your prospects may be able to identify you.

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