A Targeted Direct Mail Campaign Can Help You Win Elections

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Are looking for ways to make your campaign more authentic and successful, this article will help you navigate the benefits to a direct mail marketing campaign.

You may be thinking you need social media campaign marketing to get the best results. However, the truth lies in a targeted marketing campaign. These tips will help you to understand how a targeted direct mail campaign can lead to your campaign into success.

The Digital Media Door Is Overwhelmed and Crowded

In today’s tech age, people are already bombarded with media notifications and emails in their inbox on every single day. This influx of information naturally causes voters to go on autopilot. They are not connecting with the branding messages because the volumes overrides the quality. However, with all that information being funneled into one medium, this means other mediums are not as crammed.  This turns mailboxes into a valuable resource in terms of a marketing avenue.

Print Can Be More Powerful Than Digital

We hear so often that there is power in social media. While the volume and speed at which we can transfer information in this way is powerful, we have forgotten the ways in which people–not just gain information–but the way they retain it.

A Canadian neuromarketing firm conducted a study that demonstrated two results:

  1. Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable.
  2. Overall effectiveness, referred to as the motivation-to-cognitive load ratio within the study, showed that direct mail scored an average 1.31 compared to 0.87 for all digital channels. This is significant because, in this type of test, values greater than 1.0 are indicative of broad in-market success.

This demonstrates that not only is mail marketing easier to process than digital but will more likely drive your audience to action. If you target your audience correctly with their views and beliefs with these statistics in mind, you’ll have a more effective campaign that may drive people to vote for you.

Direct Mail Speaks To A Stronger Personal Message

The influx of messages and notifications on social media defines how quantity dulls the quality of the messages consumers receive. According to USPS, all age groups like to receive mail. A USPS diary study states, “For ages 18-21 the response rates to mail doubled in the 2016 campaign year.” This shows how having a personalized letter that is tailored to that voter’s beliefs will enhance the authenticity of your campaign.

Direct mail campaigns are a powerful way to get the results you want and with Letterhub you can accomplish this.

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