Automotive Industry Trends For 2018

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2017 was an excellent year for the automotive industry. We’re expecting 2018 to be even better. In this article, we’re going to discuss automotive industry trends for 2018.

Smart Cars

In 2018, you can expect cars to be smarter than they were last year. Cars will have predictive parking technology, allowing you to find parking much faster. So, this technology will be very useful. Let’s face it; no one wants to spend their time driving around trying to find parking. So, expect to see the rollout of this new predictive parking technology in 2018.

Password For Your Car

Cars will soon have required passwords to be able to access specific information with the vehicle. When you think about it, this is pretty similar to cell phones or pretty much any modern day devices. Carmakers are always trying to improve the security of their cars. These days user data can easily be hacked, so keeping information within a vehicle makes a lot of sense.

Self Driving Cars

Self-driving technology isn’t exactly new. We know that carmakers such as Tesla already have this capability. Also, companies like Uber and Google are already testing out their self-driving cars. So, in 2018, you should be on the lookout for more cars equipped with self-driving capabilities.

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