Direct Mail Election Tips For Political Campaigns

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Direct Mail Election tips for political campaign

The internet has penetrated every sector of the economy and our daily life, but when it comes to election campaigns, the conventional method of reaching out directly to the voters still works best. Whether you call it campaigning or marketing, we call it both- marketing strategy for winning elections. Most people might underrate the power of direct mail in election campaigns but verbal utterances is and will continue to sell any brand regardless of technology or the newest innovation.

Why does direct mail work especially in Elections?

In American today, there are well over 500,000 elections taking place each year, from office election, school, the Senate and the presidential elections; direct mail conveys the message to the voters and etches your message on their minds. The average voter will remember a good print out, clear and catchy messages that speak to them over a onetime advert on television or radio. In addition, campaigns are run with huge amounts of finance that comes for lots of sources even the voters that love your manifesto, so what better way to convince them than to use of direct mail.

The political scene is an uncertain territory; however, with Letter Hub as your backup, you can be rest assured that your political boat will be sailing far and wide conquering territory and transforming landscape. Letter Hub is not new to the political scene, we capitalize on the power of spoken and written words to give our prospective candidate the right message, targets the right audience for all the support you need and will need for a successful campaign trail until a victory on election day. At Letter Hub, we provide the best direct mail service that spreads your message to your potential voters throughout the states.

What can Letter Hub do for your election campaign?

Firstly, Letter Hub is a printing and outsource campaign agency. We help print all your mail, invoices, direct mail, brochure, postcards, newsletter, campaign posters, and flyers for your election campaign. We handle all the paperwork for you; this allows you concentrate on winning the election and interacting with your voters before Election Day. We will help you create a mailing list for all your target audience and the registered voters under your jurisprudence and outside your area too. With our outstanding staff, you can rest assured that all mails will be sent in sealed envelopes and on time too. We will also design your campaign mailers for each one on your voters to create a truly customized postcard just for them. Our unique mailing system will not just get the job done, but will save you tons of cash that can be invested in the success of your campaign.

Election tips

Tip #1

Speak to your Audience

Every direct mail has three audiences, the 4-seconds club, the scanners, and the readers. A good direct mail should capture these three audiences and deliver bulls-eye on the campaign message.

The 4 –second Clubs: well, the larger majority falls into this group. They consist of those that will collect your flyer just to trash it after 10 seconds at most. They are potential voters, but prefer not to be influenced by the whole process.

The Scanners: this group of voters is interested in politics and will take their time to go through the pictures, the words, and slogan and even criticize the flyers before trashing it. They are viable voters interested in change.

The Readers: this group takes their time to read through, discuss the campaign process with their friends. The postcard or flyer serves as a mini newsletter to get the right information concerning your campaign. Voters in this category are the elderly or matured people who are definitely voting during an election. A well-drafted direct mail should consider these three categories and meet their expectations.

Tip #2

Have a Good Plan

To have a good plan for the direct mail includes putting the size, designs, font, and message as the core that all other factors will revolve around. With media up in our noses, the flyer should be boldly printed to catch the voters’ attention and to remain with them after they have trashed it. The good direct mail has a clear heading, a graphic that explains the campaign manifesto, and colors that pop to the reader to stop them in their tracks. When the reader’s attention is captured, a flowing eye-catching message will finish the job. Your logo, name, contact information, returnee address, and a persistent call to action should be added to engage the audience.

Tip #3

Highlight a Message

All is fair on the campaign and election trail. So this strategy involves highlighting the best of your candidate to the voters or highlighting your opponent’s negativity to keep the voters glued to you alone. Whatever strategy you are using just make sure that it is designed to catch the reader’s attention before they throw it away. You can be sure that matters as such will be discussed in the in a bar or pub, among friends or even in their little political circle.

Tip #4

Staying Focused

The campaign trail can be distracting and burdensome but not for winners. To stay ahead of the pack and the game, you need to focus intently on the main objective of your campaign and avoid unnecessary distractions from your opponent, the media, and haters.

Tip #5

Timing is the Key

There are cold and hot days on any campaign trail, to get the best out of your voters, hit them with the mails when they are still interested in the process and enjoying the drama. Mails should not be sent out months before the election but days before the election proper. A good mailing consultant should cover the entire basis. Letter Hub will handle all your mails and send them out at the right time without a bother. Our services are second to none and we deliver excellence every time without delay or default.

Why you should choose Letter Hub

We are not the only in the business but we are the best in the best with expert staff on hand to meet your every requirement for a successful campaign and victory at the election polls. We will take care of all printing, invoices, house-to-house delivery, folding envelopes, and delivery right on time. Our drive for excellence has solidified our reputations in the minds of our clients both big and small. We literary take the job off your hands and save you money at it.

Visit us today at and join the happy customers and clients. Don’t let your campaign dream fall flat, let take your campaign to the people for a win at the election booths. Call us today.

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