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Thinking about the best ways to get people to church, would include thinking about sending them direct mails. Many people seem to consider the church invitation they received from the postman more seriously, than they probably would with an advert they’ve seen on the church internet channel. This means church administrators may need to really consider the use of direct mail strategies, as a way of intimating people about their activities.

But then, how much progress you’re able to make with a direct mail input for your congregation, depends on how the use of it is being implemented. There are the things to fashion out so as to ensure the effectiveness of this tool, especially if it is going to be a dedicated route for your church publicity and announcements.

Things to consider before direct mailing

The way you’ll use direct mailing strategies for different purposes differ, and hence, you may not achieve optimum results if you don’t really understand what to do and when. This means, the approach you use when using direct mailing services for business promotion, may differ slightly from the way you should use it for your church publicity.

For instance, here are some of the things you should ideally consider when adopting direct mailing strategies for the church:

  • How to optimize use of mail without making it become excess

When mails begin to pile up in excess, people naturally begin to feel feed up with reading them, and it’s like you were assigning some work to them. In order to make your church mailing activities as effective as you want them, it is important that you decide on how you will be issuing them out, on what occasions, and how often they would go. As much as people would love to see the mails from time to time, it shouldn’t become a regular annoying mail.

If there’s so much to pass across, then it is important to send them out all together in a scheduled mailing format. This would make the receivers of the mails see all that needs to be communicated, as well as reducing the tendency for multiple mails.

  • Make some handwritten remark from time to time

Although this could be a tedious task (depending on how many individual mails you’re sending out), it is nicely important to include some handwritten notes on the mail you’re sending out. This gives the receiver some sense of obligation and urgency, at opening and reading the content of your mail. This is in fact, another way of bringing variety to the mails you send from time to time. Asides the fact that you’re handwriting it, you could also make it a little more personalized, by adding the recipients’ individual names with a short note.

  • A scanned signature may also work

In the case that you have lot of mails to send out, signing every one of them by hand can be such a herculean task. It wouldn’t be bad, if you make a signature and have it scanned unto all of the mail copies that you’re sending out.

One of the most important things in a church setting, is having people realize that the are being cared for, irrespective of the congregation number. With the use of direct mailing strategies, you’ll be going a long way in achieving this.

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