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Marketing is one major area business outfits focus on because is the tool needed to not only keep old customers but to reach new ones. Direct mail marketing can help achieve that goal if done properly. This technique might seem old but if business organizations can plan and utilize techniques, it can yield great results. Direct mail marketing goes beyond random and haphazard mass mailing; a successful mailing campaign involves thoughtfulness, ingenuity and proper execution. Here are some tips that would help your enterprise to get positive results from direct mailing marketing.

#1 Adopt Creativity

Edward de Bono once said “creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” To get new and improved results, one must try new things. Any marketing team that seeks to have a successful direct mailing campaign must think creatively. Look at how your organization has mailed to customers before and adopt a new better way that would yield better results. Try out simplistic and captivating designs, use new mailing papers (better quality and colorful ones), send those mails in better envelopes or packages (this would make the customers more willing to open such mails and not throw them in a bin). Also illustrate your messages well, preferably highlight the major points in nuggets. Make the mails articulate, write creatively and use some wit.

#2 Use Personalized mails

It has been observed that people then to read mails that have been personalized. Try to include the names, preferably the clients’ first mail in the mail. For instance, do not use a generalized salutation like “Dear All” or “Dear Resident” or “Dear Customer/Client”. You could have the greeting in this format “Dear Fred/Fiona”. This matters a lot especially to your existing clients.

#3 Include Promo Products

Humans are economic beings; therefore, they tend to respond to incentives. Do not let your mails always be about offers and deals. At certain intervals, endeavor to include promotional items as small as a pen or notepad. This makes your brand have a place in their heart even if they have not patronized you. Also, make sure you send out “Thank you mails” especially to those who take up your offers.

#4 Follow-up, Tracking and evaluation

Keep sending those mails, constantly sending them could birth a conviction in the minds of your clients to pick up available offers. Direct mail marketing like any other form of marketing involves doing them over and over again. It is important for your marketing team to plan ahead, make projections before mailing. After mailing, the team should track the response rate gotten as a result of the campaign, the team can then evaluate the effectiveness of the direct mailing campaign and use the information to plan for new campaigns. This will also avail the company’s management to know what areas to work on, hire a consultant and maybe outsource some part of the campaign to marketers.

The success of your organization’s direct mail campaign is hinged on a well thought and carefully executed plan. As you invest in marketing, also invest on your product and service. The main goal of the campaign is to make sure that clients; both new and old trust your brand. Any organization can yield positive results from direct mailing if creativity, personalized mails, promotional items, tracking and evaluation.

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