How Cost Effective is Printing Invoices in Color?

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In the not too distant past, color statement printing might have appeared to be too costly or complex for a lot of businesses to take into consideration. Full-color mailings were time intensive to produce and for most small to midsize companies financially beyond reach. Additionally, they added several additional steps to the production process that eventually inflated cost-per-piece. Times have changed. Improvements in printing technology have made color the favored option for businesses that want to develop a more engaging customer experience.

By including lively, customized messaging in each statement, invoice and notice you send, you’re able to turn a once basic engagement – sending transactional mail – into an opportunity to earn customer trust and provide value. Additionally, you can unlock fresh revenue opportunities by means of adding targeted cross-sell or upsell offers directly on statements.

Today’s digital inkjet printers are fully optimized for speed, optimum throughput, and higher quality print.

Because of this, the price of printing in digital color is a small fraction of what it was more than a decade ago. Which only stands to improve as high-speed continuous feed inkjet color printers become much more advanced and efficient. At Letter HUB, we pass that effectiveness on to you, our customers, providing you with a low-cost full-color solution for invoices, statements, and add-on flyers/announcements.

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