How To Send A Letter To JK Rowling?

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JK Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series of books as well as other works. She enjoys fan letters, but due to the volume, she has requested that it all be routed through her publishers. JK Rowling can be contacted by the general public exclusively by mail. While she receives far too many fan letters to answer everything, there are some techniques that you should take into consideration while writing and sending her a letter.

To send, you’ll need an envelope; any basic letter envelope will suffice. After you have completed the letter, place it in the envelope.

Send the letter through the mail. Either locate and place your envelope in an outgoing mailbox or visit your local post office. There may be a chute for departing mail at the post office, or you might just have to wait.

Make your letter memorable. Due to the volume of fan correspondence received by JK Rowling, anything that sticks out is more likely to receive a response. Consider adding some color and artwork to your envelope.

Your message will also stand out if you write it by hand, as the majority of letters are typed. Simply ensure that you write extremely clearly and legibly if you opt to write by hand.

Personalize your letter. This is your fan letter; thus, don’t forget to include a little bit of yourself. Begin by making an introduction. Then write a brief introduction to yourself. Simply avoid turning it become a novel! Write about the significance of her works (such as Harry Potter) to you or how much you like them.

Mention a few specific passages or features from Harry Potter that you particularly enjoyed and explain why.

Inquire. Provide her with a question or two to answer and you’re considerably more likely to receive a response. At this time, she’s almost certainly heard every possible question regarding Harry Potter. However, make an attempt to think of an unusual question to ask.

Give your letter a personal touch. If you have any artistic interests, such as writing or sketching, include them in your letter to JK Rowling to make it truly unique.

Keep it brief. Ensure that your letter does not go on indefinitely. Imagine how much of these Rowling is required to read on a daily basis. It may be prudent to go back over your letter after you’ve written it and revise it, condensing it till it’s brief.

Compose the letter for sending by completing the following steps. On the envelope, provide the recipient’s and return addresses. Write both addresses on the front of the envelope, with the recipient address in the center and the postal address in the left corner. You can add the stamp in the right corner.

1. If you reside in the US, address the letter to her US publisher as follows: J.K. Rowling c/o Arthur A Levine Books 557 Broadway New York, NY 10012.

2. If you live in the UK, address the letter to her UK publisher as follows: J.K. Rowling c/o Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 50 Bedford Square London WC1B 3DP UK.

3. If you happen to be from another country besides the US or the UK, you can send the letter to whichever address is cheaper for you.


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