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To avoid misdelivery or mail return, ensure that your mails to Mexico are correctly addressed. Both the name and address formats are fairly particular, which might be problematic for people who are not used to sending letters there on a daily basis. Correos de Mexico, Mexico’s national postal service, offers and accepts all types of mailing services, including registered mail tracking, storage, and insurance for individuals who want delivery assurances. Following the procedures below and will assist you in comprehending the approach for mailing a letter to Mexico.

1. Men should be addressed as “Sr.” for “Senor” or “Mister,” while ladies should be addressed as “Sra.” or “Senora.” If you’re not sure about a person’s gender, simply write his name. Proper names in Mexico often incorporate middle names and the maiden name of the mother to differentiate them from more common names. For instance, “Jose” might be spelled “Jose Luis.” Jose Luis” might legally be “Jose Garcia de Luis.” Utilize as much of the recipient’s full name as possible to guarantee that your correspondence gets delivered properly. If you are sending to a business, use the business’s whole name.

2. When constructing a suitable postal address, the majority of street names come before the digits. Use the format “Privada Calle 109″ for example.” The street and number are followed by the floor, as in “Privada Calle 109 – Piso 4,” where “piso” refers to the “floor.” “Privada Calle 109 – Piso 4 – 34,” for example, is just the room number hyphenated after the street or floor number.

3. Mexico is made up of 31 states and a federal district called Mexico City. Mail addressed to Mexico City is prefixed with “Mexico, D.F.” Each state is designated with a unique postal abbreviation. Municipalities are split into states, which are further split into cities and neighborhoods, or quarters. The names of the persons whose names will appear in your postal address are on this list. The name of the neighborhood/quarter comes first, followed by the “colonia” – or city. “Iztacalco, Col. Agricola Pantitlan.” All of these items should be written on a single line.

4. Below is the postal code, a significant city, if applicable, and the state are stated, all on one line, starting with the postal code. For instance, for a location in Mexico City, this line might read “06082 Mexico, D.F.” Except for Mexico City, all other cities are incorporated into states. The state abbreviation appears after the city name, as in “75520 Cancun, Q. ROO.” The country’s name, Mexico, will always appear alone on the address’s last line. After you’ve written the postal code, double-check it to confirm it matches the information you have. The following is a full and proper address for a letter to Mexico:

 109 Piso 8 – 42A Iztacalco, Col. Agricola Pantitlan 08100 Mexico, D.F. Sra. Maria Elena Garcia de Perez Nezahualcoyotl

Following these few instructions will guarantee that your letter is correctly addressed and delivered to the intended recipient.

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