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The invoice printing and mailing industry is always changing, and what worked last year, might not work this year. In this article, we’re going discuss invoice printing and mailing trends for 2018.

1. Increase in Outsourced Invoice Printing

In 2018, you can expect to see a lot more small business owners making the decision to outsource their invoice printing and mailing services. This is because invoice printing and mailing services can be very expensive. So, companies are starting to see that it would be more cost-effective to simply outsource these services. Print and mail services shouldn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming, which is why more companies are going to start outsourcing these services.

2. A Rise in Online Printing Services

We can expect to see increases in online printing and mailing services. We live in the digital age so there’s no need to go to a physical place to take care of your invoice printing and mailing services. Business are starting to use companies that are strictly online. You simply just upload your invoices and statements and the company will handle the rest for you. All of your print and mailing services can be done online. This goes hand in hand with outsourced invoice printing and mailing services.

3. A Decrease in Leasing Printing and Folding Machines

Printing and folding machines can be very expensive, this is especially true if you’re doing all your print and mail services in-house. In 2018, you can expect to see business owners ending their leasing agreements and outsource their invoice printing. Printing and folding machines are not only expensive but there are additional costs for maintenance. So, it’s just a lot easier to work with a company that already have these machines. This is a trend that is starting to pick up traction.

4. More Interest in Invoice Automation

A lot of companies will no longer be processing their invoices themselves, instead, they’ll be using companies that specialize in invoice automation services. The entire invoice printing and mailing process can be streamlined. This will help improve the efficiency and productivity of companies. A lot of companies have cash flow issues. Sometimes customers aren’t paying them on-time, which will lead to cash flow issues.

These days, business owners are busy and hard to reach. So, a phone call might not always work. This is why invoice processing automation is needed. You need a company that will ensure that your invoices get sent out on-time, every time. So, you can expect to see an increase in invoice automation in 2018.

5. More Interest in Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is not anything new. This form of marketing and advertising has been around for a long time. In fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. However, it’s often to put on the back burner. In 2018, you can expect to see a lot more small businesses using direct mail marketing to reach existing and potential customers. The trend of interest in direct mail will continue to increase.

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