Postcard Printing Tips

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Postcard Printing Tips

So, you just created some really awesome postcards and had them printed, and you’re very pleased with the outcome. You’re eager to get some responses and sales from your postcards that are aimed at a targeted mailing list. However, when you get feedback from the test ones that you sent out, you find out that they were torn and unappealing. So, you’re probably wondering, how did this happen?

In this article, we’re going to discuss postcard printing tips that can be beneficial to your business.

To start with, don’t criticize the postal service or mail carrier. They are experts who manage millions, perhaps billions, of pieces of mail on a daily basis. And no need to point the finger at your printing company or mailing house – they would under no circumstances mail out postcards that looked damaged. You could blame yourself, particularly if you decided to print postcards on fragile paper with the intention to save a few – and unquestionably minimal – bucks.

Use Thick Paper Stock

Postcards can be handled by quite a few people via the postal service. However, that isn’t enough to damage them. No wants postcards that are ruined because this doesn’t look professional at all and will reflect poorly on your business. So, to prevent this from happening, you should ensure that your postcards are printed on a thick paper stock. This will improve the overall look and feel of your postcards.

Get a UV coating

If you want even higher quality postcards, you should definitely look into getting a UV Coating. A UV Coating is made out of mineral or synthetic compound. This will create a barrier between your postcard and the forces around it and will greatly improve its overall quality.

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