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Well, if you have never considered using a postcard as a marketing tool, start now. They are efficient, affordable, and get your message to a larger customer base than any marketing tools on the market. Some people might say why not use other innovative means to get clients and build customer trust and awareness. By sending a mail or an email, it might end up in the dustbin or delete from the junk mail, but a postcard will attract your reader and keep them interested with the best tips and ideas.

Some Ideas and Tips for an Effective Postcard are:

  • Attract not sell: even though the postcard is a mean of advertising, it shouldn’t be up in your face saying that. The postcard is meant to personally speak to the reader without being actually there. So make sure your postcard attracts the right people without enforcing the product or service on them.
  • Use a call to action: people are excellent at indirectly obeying instructions on a paper. When delivering your message, place the CTA where the customer can easily see it to perform the action. The call to action should leave an incomplete message in the mind of the reader to trigger them to carry out the action
  • Be as direct as possible: nobody got time to read through a 100-word postcard except you work for a guessing house. Let your headline be bold and contain messages straight to the point. You must avoid using too many texts and fonts too. A good catchphrase and a picture are enough to keep the message juicy for your reader.
  • Use colors judiciously: even if you are printing a postcard for a crèche maximizes the color use. The use of too many colors will ensure that your message is not read and make you look like a clown
  • Determine the size: the size of the postcard determined where the card will be used. If the postcard is for customers, the size should be small and easy to read. However, larger postcards are used as advert flyers and are posted at entrances in public places.
  • Choose a good paper: a cheap and light paper tells a little of your company reputation. Although postcards are a cheaper way to get to more clients, the wrong paper will make you lose clients than gain them
  • Choose a memorable website address: most people are online today and a shorter and a catchy URL easy to remember and accessible is the best for your clients. In addition to the URL, have a strong customer care service that can attend to clients anytime without delay.
  • Choose clear prints: don’t compromise on the printing job. It is the key to getting all the clients you need and how far your marketing idea will soar above your opponent/competitor.

A postcard is a cheap form of marketing, so it has to look good, have a direct message, and speak to a particular demography for it to deliver what it is intended for.

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