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Pink is becoming among the most ubiquitous and adaptable colors of the decade. Its contemporary ascend to prominence started on Tumblr as content creators across the platform extensively implemented the color, which grew to become recognized as “Tumblr Pink”. The resurgent popularity of pink rapidly reached conventional status and began to take the design and style world by storm.

Metallics as neutrals

Metallics are regular in interior and fashion design as they possess the exclusive capability to mesh wonderfully with a vast variety of color palettes and design trends. From minimalist accents and easy pairings with all-natural components to becoming the embodiment of glamour and luxury, metallics have validated they really can do it all.

Bright and bold

Bold color appears to have been trending in web and app design for a long time which will certainly continue in 2018. A staple of the flat design movement, the intro of Google Material Design’s vibrant palette in 2014 furthermore solidified the trend making it the norm in new media.

Pantone’s color of the year: ultraviolet

We’ve proven that bold and beautiful color is in for 2018 and based on the Pantone Color Institute, UltraViolet is going to be the hue to rule them all.

Pantone says this specific purple shade as “dramatically eye-catching and thoughtful” and furthermore clarifies that “…purples have also for ages been symbolic of the counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic magnificence.

Even though Pantone’s choice might seem unexpected to some, digital media designers have observed vibrant violets become a well-known color choice in recent years, particularly in web and mobile app design. With the official “Color of the Year” status, we could anticipate this trend to acquire traction in 2018.

Modern gradients

Gradients are * their present-day comeback as a semi-flat design improvement and are forecasted to be one of the primary graphic design trends of the year. Semi-flat design ( a .k .a “flat 2 .0”), mixes the very best characteristics of the flat design movement with even more cues like gradients and shadows to build up performance and end-user experience.

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