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A CSV is a comma separated values file that allows you to save data in a structured table format. CSV files can be used with pretty much any spreadsheet program, such as Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and more. What makes CSV files different from other files is that they don’t save cell, column, or the styling of a row, and you can’t save formulas with them.

This sample CSV file contains 50 contacts

This sample CSV file contains 100 contacts

How Do I Create A CSV File?

There are a variety of ways you can create and edit your CSV file with all necessary data. You can use the following programs:

Notepad (or any other text editor)

To create CSV file open the program, and write text data separating each field with a comma.

Microsoft Excel

Open Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet with all necessary information in columns. Then, save the file as CSV

Google Docs

Create a spreadsheet in Google documents with all your data in the appropriate fields and save it download it as CSV file.

E-commerce Websites

If you have an e-commerce website, you will find CSV files to be very useful. This is because you can use them to import and export product, customer, and order information to and from your store. In other words, they make it a lot easier for you to add or edit large amounts of data.

Importing & Exporting Contacts

You can easily import and export your contacts via a CSV file. This makes it easier to edit the data and import or export the data as you seem fit.

Benefits of Using a CSV File

  • You can open CSV files with text editors like notepad.
  • CSV files allow you to import and export data much faster
  • CSV files are easy to read and edit
  • CSV files are easy to create


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