The Components Of Effective Brochure Design

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A well designed and written brochure is a marketing tool which is very valuable and essential for business owners to inform their customers and attract new customers as well as potential investors. Well designed and printed brochures mailed to your list of postal recipients or left at strategic locations can help inform prospective clients and people in your area about the services you’re offering and how they can go about them.

Making your brochure achieve the goal of making sales would involve getting it into the hand of that customer and how is that done? By using effective designs that would attract the attention of the customer. These designs include the basic elements that would ensure business growth.

Here are few components to add to that brochure design, to make it effective

1. Business name and logo; these are the centers of attraction of your business, your logo must be memorable, bright and eye catchy as this is what your customers would remember first when looking out for your business place. The business name and logo should be displayed in a prominent position on the front and back cover.

2. Brochure cover; Your cover should have the same elements as the logo, they should be able to attract the interest of the customer, to the extent of them going past the brochure cover. The cover is made up of uncluttered designs, an image that stands out, the business logo and a headline that will focus on the benefits your business offer. The headline should target the problems of prospective customers and offer the answers in a short, clear, and concise manner.

3. A compelling message; the little phrase put on the cover is what draws the reader to pick up the brochure and read. This is one way to arouse the reader’s curiosity to go further. Asking a question on the front page and answering within is another, also starting a statement and finishing it within.

4. The Body of the brochure; set the tone of your brochure with the right color as this is a great way to set the mood of your message. Choosing the right fonts is another way to set the mood, use different sizes of font to highlight the importance of your information. Use of white space and organized boxes are another way to set the mood of the message.

5. Min text and contact information; this is usually at the center of the brochure and contains all relevant information concerning your business. All information including price and product guide should be added. Don’t forget to add all necessary contact information from address to phone number to email to a website and social media handles.

6. Folding method; there are two main types of folds, the Z fold and the trifold. The Z fold is used when there is a lot of information to pass while the trifold is for brochures with less information and large image display.
Making use of the components in designing any brochure whether for a business or a company would create a dynamic and effective sales and marketing tool.

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