What is a Relieving Letter?

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Relieving Letter

A relieving letter is a formal letter that is given to an employee at the time of leaving a company. It is a formal approach to communicating to the employee that the resignation has been accepted. A relieving letter is needed during the time of joining a new company. It needs to mention the onboard time undoubtedly and that the employee has no dues with the company.

If you want to leave your current job and work for another company, then you’re going to need a relieving letter. In fact, individual companies will require you to have a relieving letter to show that your previous employer no longer employs you. So, in a nutshell, a relieving letter is just evidence to show that you no longer associate with the company that you used to work for.

Here are some free sample Relieving Letters that you can download for your own personal use:

Provisional Relieving Letter




Relieving Letter Format in PDF


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