What Is Media Mail? 62 Things That You Should Know

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What is Media Mail?

Media mail is a service that USPS offers. With media mail, you’ll be able to ship books, printed music, video recordings, manuscripts, playscripts, and more. The shipping time for Media Mail is approximately 2-8 days. In terms of size requirements, the maximum weight for media mail is 70 lbs.

Media Mail has some restrictions because there are certain items that you can’t ship via this shipping method. As you read this article, you will learn more about Media Mail.

Here are 62 things that you should know about Media Mail

1. Is media mail insured?

If you decide to use media mail, you need to know that it’s not insured. Postal services can inspect media mail. USPS can open your package and inspect it if they deem it necessary, so you’ll need to keep that in mind if you decide to use media mail.

2. Is media mail cheaper?

Media mail is cheaper and affordable than other available mailing options. You can only ship media items via media mail. Medial can take longer than First-Class, but it’s offered at a lower rate.

3. Is media mail trackable?

If you decide to use media mail, you certainly will be able to track it. However, media mail does come with certain restrictions.

4. Is media mail first class?

Media Mail is not the same thing as first class. Media mail takes longer to ship than First Class. However, it is cheaper.

5. Is media mail slower?

Yes, Media Mail is slower than other forms of mail. If you want faster shipping, you’ll need to go with First Class or Priority Mail.

6. Is media mail a standard post?

Media Mail is not considered to be standard mail. Media Mail is only for the shipping of media items.

7. Is media mail safe?

Media Mail is safe in a general sense. However, it’s not insured and is open to inspection. As a result of this, it’s possible for your media items to be damaged or even lost.

8. Is media mail international?

Media Mail is not available for international shipping; it’s only for domestic shipments. No, you can’t send media mail internationally from the US.

9. Can media mail be in a box?

Media Mail can be in a box or an envelope, depending on the items you want to ship. The Post Office will not provide you with boxes for your media mail. You’ll have to get your own.

10. Can media mail be dropped in the mailbox?

No, you can’t just drop off media mail in the mailbox. You’ll most likely have to drop them off in person. These items are subject to an inspection.

11. Can media mail be sent to a PO Box?

There aren’t any known restrictions as it pertains to sending media mail to a PO Box. As long as the items that you’re shipping meet the Medial Mail guidelines and requirements, then you should be fine.

12. Can you do media mail online?

Media mail can’t be done online; it has to be done in person. You can, however, buy media mail postage online. That is an option.

13. Does FedEx do media mail?

FedEx does offer Media Mail. With FedEx Media Mail, you can mail CDs, DVDs, Books. Diskettes, videotapes, sound recordings, and other printed music. This service is known as FedEx Ground Economy Media.

14. Do they open media mail?

If you decide to use media mail to mail media items, then they do open it. Your package can be opened and inspected.

15. Does media mail take longer?

Media mail does take longer to ship when compared to other forms of mail like First Class or Priority Mail.

16. Does media mail have a weight limit?

Medial Mail does have a weight limit that has to be followed for your items to be mailed out. The weight limit for Media Mail is 70 pounds. Your media items won’t ship if they weigh more than 70 lbs.

17. Does UPS have media mail?

Yes, UPS does have media mail. You can use UPS to mail the media items that you have.

18. Does Canada have media mail?

Canada does not have a media mail class. As a result of this, costs can be higher than usual.

19. How long should media mail take?

Even though Media Mail is cheaper, it does take longer. Media Mail can take anywhere from 2 to 8 days.

20. What is a media mail parcel?

Media Mail Parcel is just a way to ship media-related items, such as books, CDs, printed music, and more.

21. What is media mail rate?

According to the USPS website, Media Mail rates start at $2.89 at the Post Office and $1.76 for Commercial.

22. What is a media mail package?

A Media Mail package will allow you to ship media items like music, DVDs, CDs, and more.

23. What is media mail on eBay?

Media Mail on eBay consists of Playscripts, periodicals, CDs, sound recordings, and more.

24. What is media mail on PayPal?

If you want, you can easily create a Media Mail shipping label with PayPal, which will allow you to select USPS Media Mail.

25. When should I use media mail?

You should use Media Mail if you want to ship sound records, printed music, DVDs, CDs. and more; This is when you should use Media Mail.

26. Where to get media mail envelopes?

If you don’t have envelopes or even boxes for Media Mail, you can get them from an office supply store.

27. What envelopes to use for media mail?

The envelopes that you use for Media Mail should be at most 12 by 15 by 3/4. The envelope shouldn’t be bigger than that.

28. Why is media mail subject to inspection?

Media Mail is subject to inspection because people can abuse the system. People will try to mail items that are not approved for Media Mail. So, this is the main reason why it is subject to an inspection.

29. Will the mailman pick up media mail?

Yes, the mailman can pick up Media Mail. However, they don’t have to nor or they required to do so.

30. What qualifies as media mail USPS?

Sound recordings, DVDs, CDs, and more all qualify for Media Mail USPS.

31. What happens if you ship media mail?

If you ship media mail, your packages can be opened and inspected to ensure that they are approved and meet the requirements for Media Mail. However, if you mail items that aren’t approved, you could end up being charged with mail fraud. So, it’s best to use Media Mail the right way to avoid any problems.

32. What Cannot be sent media mail?

You can’t send items via Media Mail that has advertising. Also, you can’t mail video games, computer drives, or even digital drives. These are the main items that you can’t send via Media Mail.

33. What’s included in media mail?

Sound recordings, printed music, DVDs, CDS, and more are included in Media Mail.

34. What is the difference between Media Mail and Library Mail?

The difference between Media Mail and Library Mail is that Media Mail includes books, printed music, Playscripts, and more. However, Libary Mail is primarily used by Universities, Libraries, and for research and educational material.

35. Do VHS tapes qualify for Media Mail?

VHS Tapes do qualify for Media Mail. You can mail your VHS Tapes via Media Mail if you want to.

36. Are photographs considered media mail?

No, unfortunately, photographs aren’t considered to be Media Mail. The same also applies to photo albums, sports, hobbies, and trading cards. You also can’t send films that are used for commercial use either.

37. Can games be shipped Media Mail?

You can’t ship games of any kind via Media Mail. Games are not on the approved list. So, you won’t be able to send them via Media Mail.

38. Do magazines count as media mail?

No, you most likely will not be to ship magazines via Media Mail because magazines usually have advertisements in them, which is not allowed.

39. Do calendars count as media mail?

Calendars can count or qualify for Media Mail. However, it depends on the type of Calendar, so this is subject the approval based on the Media Mail guidelines.

40. What is the difference between Media Mail and Bound Printed Matter?

Media Mail and Bound Printed Matter aren’t the same. With Media Mail, the items you mail can’t have any advertising. However, with Bound Printed Matter you can. So, that’s the primary difference between the two.

41. Which is faster media mail or bound printed matter?

Media Mail isn’t faster than Bound Printed Matter. The delivery time is essentially the same for both. So, neither is faster than the other.

42. What is Mediabound mail?

Mediabound Mail is mail that primarily consists of bound sheets where 90% of the material has printed advertising.

43. Is Media Mail guaranteed?

Media Mail is not a guaranteed service at all. There can be delays. Also, it’s not insured either. So, it’s possible for your items to be subject, damaged, or even lost; This is what comes with Media Mail.

44. Can you lie about Media Mail?

If you lie about your Media Mail items, you could potentially face charges, and your items will end up being returned to you. So, to avoid the hassles, charges, and delays, it’s best to follow the approved Media Mail items. It will save you time and money.

45. Is USPS Media Mail bad?

Media Mail isn’t considered to be bad. The issue is that it’s not insured and can be opened and inspected. Also, your package can be damaged, lost, and delayed.

46. Can I include a letter in Media Mail?

If you want to include a letter in your Media Mail, you can.

47. How often does Media Mail get checked?

Media Mail might not get checked every single time. However, it doesn’t get often. It’s common for people to try and abuse the system so it has to get checked from time to time. People try to send non-media items all the time. Measures have to be taken to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

48. What happens if USPS loses Media Mail?

In the event that USPS loses your Media Mail, they will not be held liable. Media Mail is not insured. You also will not get a refund. This is just one of the risks of using Media Mail to mail your media items.

49. Can board games be shipped via Media Mail?

Games of any kind can’t be shipped via Media Mail. No, board games are not considered to be Media Mail. If you include games in your packages, they will not be shipped.

50. Are DVDs Media Mail?

Yes, DVDs are considered to be Media Mail. If you have DVDs, you can certainly mail them via Media Mail.

51. Is Media Mail automatically insured?

No, Media Mail is not automatically insured. In fact, USPS does not insure Media Mail.

52. Is Media Mail always the same price?

No, Media Mail isn’t always the same price. The price can change due to the fact that the weight of your items might not be the same, which is how the cost is determined. Media Mail is not a flat rate.

53. Is art Media Mail?

Art is not considered to be Media Mail. You can’t ship paints via Media Mail. It’s only for books, printed music, DVDs, sound recordings, and more.

54. Is a puzzle Media Mail?

Puzzles don’t qualify or meet the requirements for Media Mail. So, no, you can’t send puzzles via Media Mail.

55. Is a poster Media Mail?

Posters aren’t not considered to be Media Mail. Posters usually have some kind of advertising on them. As a result of this, they can’t be used for Media Mail.

56. Is Media Mail by weight?

Media Mail is by weight and size. You will be charged for your Media Mail based on weight. You can expect to pay around $2.80 per pound.

57. Are Media Mail boxes free?

You can get free boxes from USPS. However, you can’t use the free boxes for Media Mail.

58. Is Media Mail delivered to your house?

Media Mail can be delivered to your house. You can mail or ship Media Mail to any house that you want to in the US.

59. Does USPS deliver Media Mail on Saturdays or Sunday’s

USPS does deliver Media Mail on Saturdays and on Sundays, especially Priority and First Class mail.

60. Is Media Mail only for educational purposes?

Media Mail is primarily for educational material and printed resources, such as CDs, DVDs, and sound recordings.

61. Does Media Mail require special packaging?

You don’t necessarily need special packaging, boxes, or envelopes for printed Media Mail.

62. Why is Media Mail so cheap?

Media Mail is cheap for the main purpose of moving more educational materials via mail.


Media Mail is for those who want to mail Media related items. Your media items can consist of DVDs, CDs, Books, Sound Recordings, and more. Media Mail is cheaper. However, it will take longer to ship when compared to First-Class.

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