Why Would A Doctor Send A Certified Letter?

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For the same reason that anybody else gives you a certified letter, a doctor’s office can also send you one. It values the message’s substance and wants to ensure that you receive it. You could send someone a letter and never hear back. You have no way of knowing whether or not that individual got the message. A certified letter with a return receipt ensures that the letter was received by the intended recipient; that’s why Doctor can send you a certified letter so they can be sure that you receive the letter.

Following are some of the reasons because of which you might receive a certified letter from your Doctor.

The first reason is, it might be about a past-due bill. Then your Doctor can send your debt to a collection agency if you do not pay it! It might be that certain exams need to be reviewed with you. Because you may not have answered to a standard letter, the post office will send the Doctor a change of address notice. A certified letter is a document that certifies that particular paperwork has been completed. It is for the advantage of the Doctor, not for your advantage.

The second reason may be, your account has been turned over to collections, and you, the patient, parent, or guardian, have been informed that you are being discharged and that the Doctor will only be available in an emergency.

The third reason may be, the Doctor no longer wants you as a patient. Perhaps you requested incorrect treatment or failed to show up for a number of sessions which is among the one of the reasons why a doctor can send you a certified letter because you are neglecting your health.

The fourth reason may be, you have a medical condition that has to be followed up on, but the office can’t reach you. In this situation, the letter will include a rationale for further communication. If you don’t follow up after receiving such a notification and anything awful happens, it’s not the Doctor’s fault.

The fifth reason may be, the Doctor advised a test or referred you to another doctor, but you elected not to follow the Doctor’s advice which is why a doctor can send you a certified letter.

The sixth reason maybe, when they want to be sure you received a certain outcome, they use certified mail. For example, if you have a significant biopsy result that has to be followed up on, they may send it to you certified, instructing you to contact and come in. The purpose of a certified letter is to prove that you were given a result and that it is up to you to follow up on that result correctly.

All of them are possible reasons because of which you can receive a letter from your Doctor. Keep in mind there can be a lot more reasons because of which your Doctor may send you a certified letter.

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