Why You Need Direct Mail For Your Political Campaign

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Direct Mail is not dead. In fact, there are many business that think that direct mail is not necessary for success. However, the statistics and research to back up why direct mail is persuasive is here in this article. Be ahead of the marketing strategy and do what your competitors won’t.

Direct mail seems archaic in the digital age but it actually has advantages that digital media marketing alone cannot achieve. Statistics demonstrate how direct mail marketing has advantages that other business overlook.

According to USPS data, the percentage of businesses that believe in certain myths about direct mail marketing will help you navigate what you can do differently.

Direct Mail Marketing is A Smart Strategy

30% of businesses think that direct mail isn’t as effective as other media. If your business doesn’t fall into this trap, you’d still lean into the majority of other businesses that are making smarter marketing strategy moves. Statistics demonstrate that 56% of consumers who responded to direct mail went online or visited the physical store.

26% of businesses believe that direct mail doesn’t yield measurable results.  However, as consumers attention span shrinks with digital media, direct mail is a great way to engage. It stimulates more than one sense and therefore makes the engagement time longer and therefore the experience more memorable than a digital way.

Younger Audiences Engage With Mail As Well

According to a USPS study, millennials are more likely to read, scan, and sort their mail than previous generations. They also enjoy opening their mail and had a double response rate to mail in the 2016 election. Since younger audiences such as millennials are more politically active, engaging them in a unique and personal way will garner them to be more active and ultimately invested in your campaign.

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