Why You Should Use Direct Mail For Your Political Campaign

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Direct mail is one of the most overlooked forms of marketing. In fact, even in political campaigns, it’s usually not even a thought. If you ask the typical donor, volunteer, or candidate about advertising, they will tell you about TV. Every candidate wants to get on TV; they think that’s the only way that they’re going to win. However, this isn’t true.

In this article, we’re going to look at why you should use direct mail for your political campaign.

Political TV Ads Are Expensive

TV ads are expensive, so if you don’t have a strong backing, it’s not a recommended advertising channel. On the other hand, direct mail is a much better option. In fact, for most small and local campaigns, political direct mail is a far better alternative. So, regardless of the size of your campaign, you shouldn’t forget about political direct mail, instead, add it to your marketing plan.

Why Political Direct Mail Works

Political direct mail works for the simple fact that it is cost-effective. With political direct mail, all you have to do is design a mail piece, acquire a voter list, and use a company to send your letters to potential voters.


The remarkable thing about political direct mail is that it’s highly targeted. In fact, you can choose only to send direct mail to registered voters, or based on how many previous elections the voter participated in within a specific time-frame. So, as you can see, political direct mail is not only effective but targeted as well.

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