10 Useful Tip to Make Your Postcard Direct Mail a Success

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Postcards are the most simple and a basic marketing tool on the market, but with money tight and businesses struggling to make headway, they are the most effective tool for any successful businessman or woman. All you do is print a couple, hand them to potential customers, and wait for the phone to ring. Isn’t that easy?

However, when a postcard is designed properly, it is not simple anymore, but a piece of paper that can take you to the next level of marketing, and profit making. For your postcards to yield the desired result in this digital and technology age, direct mail is the way to go. Businesses that employ the use of postcard via direct mail get better customer response than through other advert media on the market.

However, it is best to think and take a postcard as more than a marketing tool, but an effective way of campaigning for your business.

10 useful tips for a successful direct mail are:

Make it Count: when customers glance at your postcard, they should have a sense of whom and what you are. It takes a customer about 5 to 8 seconds to capture a customer’s attention with a postcard, so make is impressive.

Less is More: the simpler the better. Avoid overcrowding the postcard with gibberish as customers will simply toss it away

Drop an Instruction: your call to action should lead people to a website or a social media page. A giveaway or a quiz is the best way to lead people from your postcard to your website.

Know Your Audience: this is very important. The secret to a successful direct mail is to know who your audiences are. A postcard about a fashion outlet might cater to men and women, so design appropriately.

Think Functionality: a postcard has messages on both sides of the paper, when putting them in the mail, let the side that represents you be up to catch the customers attention. One trick is to put your contact on the side where the main message is, as a flip will change a customer’s mind

Choose Time over Matter: this sounds confusing, but knowing when to deliver your postcards is crucial to the response from customers. If you drop the postcard at a wrong time, chances are it might end up in the dump than being read.

Make a comprehensive List: you have to know where you are delivering the postcard to maximize profit and marketing skills, and a mailing list will do just that

Engage Your Customer: even though, it’s for business, ditch the sales tones and be a friend. Speak to the customers through the postcard and they reply with that call or visit your website

Mind your Words: learn to use a short, eye-catching, and direct word to keep the message and intent of the postcard

Have multiple contact address: put your phone number, email address, fax, website, and social media handles on the page to give customers the choice of communication.

Print will never be outdated and neither is a postcard, get your business the visibility it needs by investing in a postcard today.

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