15 Tips For Effective Direct Mail Fundraising

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Raising funds generally can be a trying task after all you’re trying to separate people from what they love a lot -their money. Doing it through direct mail can only make it tougher but that doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible task and when you get it right, it will prove to be totally worth it. Here are a few tips on fundraising through direct mail:

1)Connect with the reader- present the direct mail in a way that the person it is directed at can’t help but be touched in their human hearts

2)Make it personal- the direct mail should be about the donor or the cause it is directed at so that they can see what it’s for. You could relate it to them in some subtle ways

3)Simple but elegant- the attention span for people is not that long so the best thing to do is get your message across quickly in a simple but elegance form

4)Be as concise as possible. In as much as you would like to tell a story you should also make it concise so as to not bore the intended demographic

5)Weave a tale that manages to grasp the heart of those the mail is targeted at

6)Always aim at getting new donors and new people for the cause. There is never enough people to share the direct mail to

7)Emotional appeal- as humans we are all full of emotions and if you create your direct mail so that it tugs at the heart of the intended then it’s a success

8)Widen your demographic- while it may be true that most direct mails are more interesting to older people the fact is it can also be used on younger ones to. Don’t limit the mail

9)Creativity will go a long way in securing the interest of people. No one likes to look at a piece of paper too long unless there is something interesting to look at

10)Be ready to show the results of other donations and fundraisings. There could be pictures of other things that the fundraising have help or the people who the fundraising have affected

11)Explain the sort of impact that the donor could make with a simple donation

12)Put the most important pieces on the cover so it’s what they see first. A lot of people skim through and their decision could be made within the first few seconds of seeing the mail so it’s best to get the message out there as soon as possible

13)Have a key message- what will stick with your target even after they have dropped the mail is the key message that they saw and it’s important that it conveys the essence of the fundraising

14)Have a wide variety- to keep people interested and invested in the fundraising it is important that you have a wide variety to show so as it does not become monotonous or boring

15)Ask for specific amounts because people give more when they are asked to give within a certain range

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