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It’s 2018 and it’s a digital age so it’s a common thought that direct mail is dead and will not work for your dental practice however it can and will work, you just have to get it right. The thing is, people will always check their mail and thus it is guaranteed that they will see it and they may or may not be intrigued by what they see, depending on how creative it is. Here are several reasons why direct mail is quite effective for dentists

Great response- in the time that we are in its undoubtedly expected that the importance of direct mail will drop, it’s not surprising. However what you need to know is that in accordance with The Direct Marketing Association, there is a 4.4% response rate to direct mail unlike the 0.12% response rate of emails. This means that it has a higher chance of reaching people but that’s not all making the prospects of using direct mail more attractive.

Better chances of reaching targeted demographic- while in this age of digitization there are now emails that may seem to make direct mail obsolete, it’s also a double-edged sword because the emails will most likely be tagged as spam and sent to a different category to be deleted while direct mail will actually get to you and is more like to pique your interest. With a high viewing rate and people preferring direct mail unlike the cold and impersonal emails of companies, direct mail is the way to go

It is more personal

Unlike the emails sent by corporations that always seems to feel like you’re talking to a robot, direct mail has a way of assuring you of its personality, almost as if you know them. With the bios of the doctors, their names and addresses it has a higher impact than emails. People like to identify things and know who they are dealing with instead of a faceless cold email

Special offer

Want to know a quick way to get new clients and keep the old ones? The simple answer is offers. People tend to respond quickly and are more interested when they know what’s in it for them, like say free teeth whitening to cleaning on the first visit. This should be carefully moderated else you run the risk of attracting the wrong crowd that will believe that practically all your services are free. The aim is to get the attention of the reader at the first glance so it has to be in plain sight and in a noticeable position.

Direct mail is far from dead and with the right planning and designs you could get clients quickly flooding into your dental practice, so much that you’ll be running at full capacity. Strategically planning while making the most of direct mail is very important and so is perseverance because if you send out a mail, don’t get a response and decide to call it quits then that’ll be the death of growing your practice. Planning with determination will be sure to yield results that you desire and even more than you think.

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