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A postcard is a card designed for writing and sending a mail without an envelope. It usually comes with a picture and other graphic designs to make it more appealing. In the past, postcards are generally sent by individuals to show affection and appreciation to friends, colleagues and families. However, in recent years, postcards have been extensively used for marketing of goods and services by media savvy firms. In fact, postcards are becoming one of the most effective ways of marketing today. As a firm, using postcards are becoming very important, and it is essential to make the right postcards for effective marketing of products. This post intends to highlight some of the best design tips needed to make a winning postcard.

  • Catchy Imagery: To make a perfect postcard, you must ensure the images are catchy. Don’t settle for plain designs and images. Rather, you should create a striking design that catches the attention of everyone that sees it at a glance. Remember that first impression matters. People are influenced by what they see, and if you can create a colorful design that strikes their attention, they are likely going to be engaged with your postcard and get the information you wish to pass.
  • Avoid A Clustered Design: In as much as it is very good to create beautiful designs on your postcard, you must also remember that too many cooks spoil the broth. No one would appreciate a clustered postcard with a heavy design that leaves no space at all. Put colorful images and designs but don’t overdo it.
  • Display Your Logo Prominently: Remember your logo is your brand. Hence, it should be given a space of prominence on your postcard. The reason you are printing a postcard in the first place is to promote your brand. If the whole design now overshadows the brand you plan to portray, then you should know that the objective for creating the postcard has been defeated.
  • Make The Composition Concise: The message you intend to pass should be concise and straight to the point. Whatever message you wish to pass, don’t go babbling, just say it in few words and trust the process to get the desired result. Also, don’t pass more than a single message on a single postcard to avoid confusion.
  • Make Sure You Proofread: It is essential to proofread for errors. Finding an error on your postcard would not do the image of your company good. You should be painstaking in looking for errors no matter how minute you think they are.

In designing the right postcard, you should ensure that the basic contact information of your firm is included. Contact information like your firm’s phone numbers, Facebook account, twitter handle, instagram handle and others should be included in case anyone needs to confirm any information as it concerns your product.

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