5 Must-Use Postcard Design Tips For Success

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For your postcards to be termed great, it must be visually appealing, memorable and straight to the point. Postcards are a fantastic way of reaching your target market and getting responses immediately. They are inexpensive to print and mail, and they don’t need an envelope cover that would entice your prospects. This is one of the efficient ways of direct mail marketing.

Here are 5 must-use postcard design tips

  • Quality of the card: one important design tips are the quality of the card, the type of card used to carry out the printing must retain appeal when closely inspected so before the printing makes sure to go over important details such as the weight of the card, quality, durability, finishing touches, and printing quality
  • Keep it simple and direct: Make sure that on your postcard design, the right colour is used carefully and with intelligence, let your design represent key elements of your brand such as web design layout, official color, and logo which is central to the identity of your brand. Let your logo be placed in view of your past and potential client. Photos can also be added as they show the relationship between you and your business.
  • Make use of the mailing side of the postcard: Frequently when postcards are delivered to clients, the postal carrier delivers them address side up, take huge advantage of this and use the mailing side as a teaser to what the main message the postcard carries. Make them see the reasons why they need to turn over the postcard, use the mailing space to briefly describe the eye-catching benefits of your product or services.
  • Special features: such as perforations, peel-off, die-cut, and a peel-off magnet to make your card stand out from the crowd. Your card can have a perforated coupon, business or appointment card, or a peel-off reminder which can be placed refrigerators, calendar or computer monitors. A Die-cut can make it stand out as it is a design with its effect or a peel off magnet with your phone number or other contact means attached to it.
  • Defined targets: The design of your postcard must match your products and services and the interest of your clients. With the mailing list of your targeted audience, you’ll get to define their interests and gather quick response when you send a postcard with interests of your clients.

Try out these tips and make your direct mail campaign more impactful as you also get quick responses.

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