5 Reasons Why you need Postcard Marketing

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Why shouldn’t you? Everybody is doing it and reaping a huge benefit from the ease, affordability, and target. Even though big businesses use postcards for their businesses, small business benefits more if they leverage the marketing aspect of using postcards to promote and market their business

Aside from the fact that postcards are effective, efficient, and affordable; they have other qualities that make them an effective marketing tool for all business.

Five Reasons to use Postcard Marketing

They are Cheap: postcards come in small sizes that limit the amount you spend on printing and the more cards you print, the fewer amounts you pay which are great for small businesses. The cost of mailing these printed postcards is also cheaper than other print cards like brochures. Although mailing a few postcards will cost you a bit, mailing out 5000 copies will save you $650   or more which is a lot for a small business.

They are easy to Read: if you stick to simplicity in your language and design, postcards are the best medium to get your message across to your reader. The statistic shows that postcard readers take less than 5 seconds to make an impact on the reader. The single sheet allows for bold messages and a strong call to action. However, avoid long and unclear sentences that will confuse the reader.

They adapt to all Business: postcards are not limited in application as they can serve in different ways.

  • They serve to introduce a new product or as a promotional card for big companies
  • They are used to announce discounts or sales in a store
  • They serve as invitation cards for events
  • They support a website and help increase SEO and SEM marketing
  • They are used as awareness cards to sensitize the public of a situation or crisis
  • They help to drive online traffic to a shop or business
  • They are used to build better customer relationship
  • They create a better brand awareness for businesses

Postcards allow you to Track your Response

Unlike other forms of marketing tools, the postcard allows you to track the performance and know your next marketing move. For example, if you send out 1000 postcards and 25 people respond, that is 0.5% which is a good response even though it’s a low number for postcard marketing. In addition, they also allow you to track the demographic that responded to the CTA and where they are based. This allows business owners to change the marketing tactics and develop a better design to get a larger market.

They are Simple to Design

To drive sales for your business, a postcard is the fastest, most affordable way to sell your market without much hassle about excesses.

Basically, the flexible and affordable nature of postcard allows you to utilize one piece of paper for the best marketing strategy.

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