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Postcards are affordable ways to boost your sales and because they are so cheap, people tend to go overboard with the design which ends up stalling your business.

Sometimes we fail to recognize the effect of a badly designed postcard until the business begins to suffer. However, by avoiding the following mistakes is the difference between failure and success.

You are not targeting the right Audience

You never know who your customers are doesn’t work with postcards because they speak to a particular demographic and not to all people. For example, how much response do you think a pet care company will get with an audience that doesn’t like pets? Well, the answer is obvious, none. One of the most important considerations in designing a postcard is having a comprehensive mailing list to get the right message across the right audience. To avoid this mistake, send the right message to the right audience.

Use the Repeat Tactics

Postcards are to convince a customer to buy your product and services. It takes more than one try to cajole people to agree about a product especially a new customer. To achieve a successful postcard marketing campaign allows you to etch your name and brand into the mind of the customer. It also builds credibility and trust in the customer’s subconscious. Remember to be patient during the process.

Add more Personality to the Postcard

Even though postcards should have a professional look, it should also contain an easygoing and friendly message that is capable of triggering an emotional reaction from the reader. To avoid this mistake, add some personal touches to the postcard that will appeal to the reader. For example, don’t use slangs or profane languages that will annoy your reader. Remember to also communicate with a subtle but strong tone to keep the customer/reader glued to the postcard for more than 10 seconds.

Reduce your Printing Budget

Don’t overspend when it comes to printing. A postcard should be simple and bold with fewer colors and straightforward designs that won’t gulp too much ink. Remember, less is more when designing a postcard

Never neglect your Social Media Handle

A well-designed postcard should have your web address at the bottom part of your postcard to direct readers and potential clients to get more information regarding your services and product. In addition to adding your social media handle, remember to check the handle for any messages from your reader or client. Another good option is to attach a blog site to your postcard where readers can learn more about you and your business.

You don’t include a Motivation

Freebies will pull in clients from the moon as it is an excellent way to attract clients to check out your products. Let the readers participate in a quiz or a simple online game to win small gifts when they visit your website or any of your social media handle.

With the above designs, you should get your next postcard perfectly designed for the right purpose.

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