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The popularity of direct mail is coming back as more business use to get the required visibility for their business. Even though the digital revolution, direct mail is still the best form of advertisement that any company can decide on. A recent survey shows that people still prefer direct mail than other forms of advertisement. Below are six tips for an effective direct mail campaign.

Don’t Trick your Customers

In using simple words and language to catch the reader’s attention, avoid words that are gimmicky in nature. Words like free or amazing offer; when in fact the products or services are far from free or amazing. Be honest when dealing with customers and be careful with the words used to portray your business to them. When customers discover you are lying, they will feel bad and will not patronize you again. So instead of using words like the above, try something like the best low prices in town or unbeatable prices.

Add the necessary Information

Adding a QR code and a website link is not a guarantee that every customer including potential ones will use them to contact you. Remember to add a direct line or a working customer service line for customers that will not have the time to go online. In addition, if you specify that you can be reached 24/7, keep your promise and be available for any call at odd hours.

Don’t forget a Call to Action

Always include a call to action on your direct mail by telling customers to call or visit your website or related links to know more about the offer on the postcard. Without a strong call to action, all you are doing is branding your business and create an awareness platform for it. You can offer freebie or rewards for customers that perform a task. For example, the first 100 customers to buy items worth 20 dollars will get a gift.

Build a Story with your Direct Mail

Use image, colors, and words to explain your brand to the readers. Simply telling your customers what you do will not do you any good. For example, if you are into real estate, an image of a house with green, lush playing field for kids and a story will sell more than a postcard full of descriptions and no color, story or image to tie it together.

Choose the Right Paper Size

Depending on the business, choose a paper that will complement the idea and appeal to the customers too. If you cater to high-end clients, use good quality paper with a good print to appeal to them. Regardless of the class, the message should be straight to the point and about the product or services.

Use Colors and Fonts Wisely

Avoid all capital letters or cursive fonts that are not eligible by the customer. Your direct mail should be bold, clear, and direct.

To conclude, direct mail is not dead and is the best marketing strategy for small and medium business to success and large businesses to keep their spot in the industry. 

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