7 Tips to Use When Writing a Political Direct Mail

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Direct mails are essentially used to advertise products and services by sending direct messages to individuals through all forms of media platforms including text messages, post cards, catalogues, emails, etc. This form of marketing has worked wonders in recent past and a whole lot of organizations are buying into it.

Since the electioneering process involves a lot of activities, from the fund raising to presenting a candidate to the public in a way through which his ideas and philosophies can be known and bought into, political parties have realized using direct mailing can be very effective in achieving their goals and have bought into it big time. There is a big difference between having a good direct mail campaign and having a great direct mail campaign. In America where over 500,000 elections are conducted yearly, it is safe to say there are a lot of people using direct mailing for their political fundraising and campaigns. This means if you want your political direct mail to stand out from the rest, you have to put a lot of work into creating a masterpiece. In creating your winning political direct mails, here are seven tips you should consider using.

  1. Create a Personal Relationship

Your direct mails are meant to create a relationship between you and your prospective voters and donors. You can’t achieve this by being too official. From the beginning, you have to create a situation where you can address the recipient by their first names and encourage them to do the same with you. This would hasten the bond and makes your messages more effective.

  1. Be Clear and Concise

You must be very lucid and straight to the point in your letters. No one wants to know where you went to school or where and how you started your political career for now. Just go straight to the point and tell them the post you are running for and why they should support you.

  1. Be Catchy and Fun

Remember you are not the only one sending in direct mails to the same people? The reason why you would be successful in convincing prospective voters and donors might lie in how successful you are in catching the attention of your audience. You might want to include fun things like a video that supports your ideas in your mail.

  1. Present Facts

Nothing is as convincing as a glaring fact. People would likely buy into your ideas if you support them with facts and statistics that back your claims. For example, you can include crime rate or death rate statistics in driving home a point.

  1. Be Emotional

People are more likely to buy into your ideas when they feel what you are feeling. Create a mail system that creates an emotional bonding between you and the readers. This would increase their chances of accepting your ideas.

  1. Consider Polling at Intervals

At some points in the mail campaign, consider polling your audience to ascertain the level of effectiveness of what you have done so far. You can ask questions like, if today is the Cook County’s State Attorney election, who would you vote? The responses would help you in ascertaining the effectiveness of your job so far and what you can do better.

  1. Persevere

There are sometimes that you wouldn’t get responses from your prospects. That shouldn’t put you off. Rather, it should spur you on to do more until you win them over. Experiences have shown that if you don’t give up, there is a huge chance of you winning your prospects over in the end.

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