7 Main Fundraising Best Practices For Non-profit Direct Mail

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Nonprofit direct mail for fundraising just like every other type of mailing, is governed by certain practices. These practices have been laid down by experts in the field who have recorded successes over the years making use of direct mail. Here are 7 main fundraising best practices for non-profit direct mail.

  • Ensure Your Direct Mail Is Convincing

When sending out a direct mail to a donor, make sure that the mail is accompanied by all the necessary information needed and presented in such a way as to convince your donor. This includes relevant data, statistics and images of activities thereby making your prospective donor see reasons why he/she should donate to your organization.

  • Undergo Different Test

Testing everything possible from time of mailing, to structure of mailing remains thereabout the only way to know what fundraising practice works best for different donors. So don’t be too quick to give up on testing. The strength of your direct mail as a nonprofit comes from your ability to test different variables.

  • Constantly Analyze Your Direct Mail

Not all mails sent out are profitable. Not all donors respond to your mail. This is why it is very necessary that you run a timely check on your direct mailing list. This way you are able to know the profitable donors from the unprofitable ones. With this you are able to constantly update your mailing list and take out the unprofitable ones to test other available donors.

  • Know What Your Donor Wants

While some donors are okay with being updated with the activities of your organization, others are not. When you know what your donor wants, you’re able to know how to follow up on each donor, and get a positive feedback from them instead of frustrating a profitable donor with too much direct mails. To know what your donor want, sending a letter to them can be a very good way to find out.

  • Good Deserves Good

As your direct mail campaign grows, you begin to know who your top donors are. When you find them out, it is important you begin giving them preferential treatment in how you draft and respond to their mails. Make them feel appreciated and part of what your organization is doing. Reference them from time to time to keep them in.

  • Avoid Being Ambiguous

Never mistake big grammar to be convincing or attractive. Always try your possible best to communicate to your donors in the simplest possible way. This will make them comprehend the content of your mail and your request easily and respond to it as fast as possible. An ambiguous mail can be annoying to your donor and make them uninterested in your mail. Simple expressions with images always does the work.

  • Don’t Be Caught Unaware

As a nonprofit always be prepared to provide whatever information is requested by your donors. Prepare them before hand so you’re not caught unaware by your prospective donor. Some donors are always inquisitive just to be sure that their donations are being used for the right purpose. Always make sure you’re well equipped. Don’t be caught unaware!

These practices are practices that have produced great results for quite a number of nonprofits and are still in these present times producing results. Engaging them as a nonprofit helps you raise funds from donors to carry out planned activities.

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