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Nonprofits over time have to rely on donations that come from various individuals to carry out their numerous activities. Considering the nature of things in recent times, many nonprofits have been finding it very difficult to meet up with the several activities lined up due to lack of finances. In order to facilitate its activities, nonprofits are beginning to look into several ways to reach donors and get more funds through several campaign means. However, direct mail still remains one of the most used, and thereabouts the best way to reach donors and increase your donations as a nonprofit. Here are a few helpful tips for direct mail fundraising.

Make Sure The Mail Is Properly Addressed

No matter how good the content of your direct mail is as a nonprofit, if it is not properly addressed, the aim of such mail will be defeated. This is why it is very necessary to take note of the address and ensure the name of the donor is properly spelt and the mail is adequately addressed. This way, you are sure that the mail is being sent to the appropriate person; in the appropriate format, and at the appropriate time.

Make Sure Your Mailing List Is Updated

It is also very important that nonprofits should constantly update their mailing list.  While very few nonprofits are paying attention to this, many others are spending a whole lot of money and time sending mail that don’t end up being delivered or end up being delivered to the wrong donor. An updated mailing list will help you as a nonprofit reach your donors and also help prevent any case of lost or misplaced donations.

It Is Necessary To Meet The Requirements of USPS for Raffle Tickets

For nonprofits mailing raffle tickets to donors, in order to avoid your mail from being rejected by the United States Postal Service, it is necessary that the requirements being laid down by USPS as regards raffle tickets are being met. Some of the requirements include that the mail should contain certain wordings like ‘suggested donation’, ‘no donation required to enter’ and you are free to not include a ticket in the mail. Nothing prevents you from including a ticket in the mail, but if you do, you must comply with the requirements of USPS.

Always Specify What Activities Such Donation Will Be Used For

When sending a direct mail requesting for funds from donors, it is important that a summary of what such donations would be used for should be provided. This not only help in convincing the donor to donate, it also serves as a proof of the legality of such nonprofit and the activities it carries out.

Nonprofits making use of direct mail for fund raising is one very good way to reach out to and engage donors. It also helps in convincing donors to make donations that will help facilitate the activities of the nonprofit making it very easy for them to function. If the right steps are taken in drafting, sending and following up such direct mail, a positive donation is sure to follow.

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