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Going by recent trends and with the evolution of technology and all popularity of all that comes with it, it is perceived that direct mailing has become unpopular and less used as the days pass. However, experts in marketing campaigns have confirmed that direct mailing still in many ways, as long as it is strategically planned, can amass quite a good level of response. This shows that direct mails despite being tagged outdated and referred to as unpopular is still generate responses and aid with reaching marketing goals. We shall be looking at the different ways to get gain the receivers’ attention as well as grab their attention and motivate the required responses.

Legibility: It is important to make your mail as legible as possible enough to catch the person’s attention. Giving that people are easily discouraged when reading direct mails, you have a short time to convince the reader to actually read through the mail. To this effect, it will be very necessary to make it legible to catch the reader’s attention. Therefore, use clear fonts and big sized headlines so to provoke curiosity.

Right font: this is a very pertinent yet easily ignored fact, there are fonts that fit particular campaigns. Not all fonts can be used for every campaign, some just do not meet up with the reason for the mail and thus could come off unprofessional or unfitting and thus discourage the reader. Consequent upon this, it will be very advisable to consider the right font to use and come up with the fitting format for the campaign when sending these mails.

Make it attractive: One is advised to make the mail as attractive as possible to encourage the reader to want to know the details. Normal standard mail types can be quite boring, it is advisable to be creative with this. To do this it will be beneficial to adopt the use of graphic designs as it is known that images catch attention faster than texts. This does not mean to go overboard and fill the mail with irrelevant pictures and designs, be creative with.

Straight to the point: It is very important to make direct mails as apt as possible. The adoption of very many unnecessary details that makes such mail verbose and long should be avoided so as not to kill the interest of the reader. It is very crucial to give the exact reason for the mail in clear-cut terms, giving the exact details needed.

Unique Qualities: Where your direct mails have unique features, they stand out and can gain more attention. There are so many ways to make your mail as unique as possible such that the recipient is poised to want to know the details of its content. You can adopt such aesthetic packaging features like

  • Custom made envelopes
  • Creative folding
  • Using scented papers and envelopes

The above and more can be added to your mail packaging to make it engaging.

Outline your values: People barely respond to what they see no value in. While sending a mail you must give the reader a reason to respond, to do this you need to detail the value of the campaign and what could be gained should he decide to be part of it thus provoking and motivating a quick and immediate response from the recipient. Another thing that adds value is where such mail is known not to be sent to just anybody but special clients, this makes the recipient feel valuable and special and can also make them want to respond.

Proper follow up: It is not enough to send the mail and sit back expecting a response. It is advisable to follow up the sent mail. This is one of the most ignored elements of effective mailing. Where such mail has been sent and delivered it is very advisable to follow up the mail to encourage the recipient’s response. Follow up mails and phone calls can serve as good ways to heighten the awareness of the mail as well spur the prospect to a response. This is one of the policies that can yield a great deal dividend.

The above-stated tips amongst other can help to improve your direct mailing system as well as make for a better way of sending direct mails.

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