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Perhaps you have not too long ago sent out a direct mail campaign that failed to produce the response rate that you were targeting? Probably the most neglected aspects of an effective marketing campaign are actually having a transparent and direct call to action on your postcard. A call to action or “CTA” is an instruction to the target audience to entice an instantaneous response. If your direct mail postcards lack a clear CTA, exactly why are potential customers likely to respond to your mailing? Is it obvious to them what the subsequent step is?

A highly effective call to action is as crucial as a standout card design. Consumers would like to know what they should do and when they should do it. Your CTA should be quite easy to see and simple to fully grasp. Here are some tips to help make your calls to action work for you.

Your CTA Should Stand Out

Your call to action should be visually stunning and pop. Pinpointing the main idea at a first look at the postcard should be effortless. If your recipients have to do a search for it, your response rates will most likely decrease. The right CTA should take a maximum of 3 seconds to identify. Make use of colors that contrast with the style and color of the rest of your card.

Don’t Cause Confusion

One of the most general errors made by marketers is having too many calls to actions on their postcards. Doing this causes confusion for the receiver and prevents them from taking any kind of action at all. Whenever you make numerous CTAs, the focus of the reader gets dragged in many different directions. Your card really should have only a single, crystal clear CTA that you want the potential customer to take. Don’t try to jam every marketing and advertising goal your department has on a single postcard. You should mail a series of direct mail campaigns for each individual goal.

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