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Call tracking is traditionally used for digital marketing, but what about call tracking for direct mail marketing? Most marketers aren’t using call tracking for their direct mail campaigns. In this article, we’re going to discuss all the reasons why you should start incorporating call tracking into your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Provides Greater Insight into Your Customers

Most small business owners jump right into direct mail marketing with the intent to create their mail pieces and send them out. However, not everyone is aware of call tracking and how it can help their direct mail campaigns. Call tracking is important because it will provide you with greater insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

Improve The Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaign

Understanding the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaign is important in figuring out if what you’re doing is working. The issue is that people will call you, but you won’t know exactly how they found your business. When you use call tracking, you’ll be able to directly attribute a phone call to your direct mail campaign. Call tracking allows you to use a unique phone number specifically for mail pieces. So, when someone calls you from that number, you’ll know exactly where they came from.

A/B Testing With Call Tracking

Most small business owners will use different versions of their letters and mail pieces. So, with call tracking, you can carry out an A/B test to see which one performs better. All you have to do is utilize two call tracking phone numbers, one for letter A and the other for letter B. As you can see, this will greatly help improve your direct mail marketing efforts. Knowing what’s working and what isn’t, is crucial to the success of any direct mail marketing campaign. Call Tracking will allow you to accomplish this.

Incorporate Call Tracking into Your Direct Mail

So, if you’re not sure about including call tracking numbers into your letters, now is the time to get started. You’ll be able to improve the effectiveness of your mailers and improve your return on investment. It’s time to do direct mail marketing the smarter and better way.

Do you need help with Call Tracking? The experts at LetterHUB can help. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you incorporate call tracking into your letters.

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