Direct Mail and Political Elections: What You Should Know

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Political mail is an easy and cost-effective way to create materials aimed at promoting a political candidate, referendum or campaigns.

With the coming of the elections seasons, comes the squabble of winning and reaching out to potential new voters. The US midterm elections are scheduled for November this year (2018), and the polity is already hitting up.

Because people are more likely check their mail every now and then during the course of a day, sending out political mail is a very vital means of reaching to voters void of the conventional TV, radio or any other form of printing or mass media advertisements.  Direct mail is proving to be one of the most effective and engaging channels of winning campaigns in modern day political sphere.

With the exponential growth of the internet, young voters are increasingly paying much attention to their mail. Understanding the attitudes and behaviors of these young voters towards their mail is a vital tool to reach out to them by mailing.

By sending political mail, you can reach out to potential voters in a timely way, compare to another form of a mass media campaign. With direct mail, you access directly to people who are ready to vote for you.  The United States postal services conducted a survey on how people viewed political mail and the impact on voters. One of the outcomes of such research showed that 73% of people preferred direct mail over other marketing channels. It also shows that 80% of people go through their mail and make sure nothing valuable is thrown out.  Those numbers only go to show how important direct mail is and why it is imperative to send political mail to reach potential voters.

     Why use direct mail?

Here are some reasons why should tap into the new wave of sending direct political mail. 

*Cost effectiveness: Sending direct mail is relatively cheaper compared to other means of printing and sending postcards. This is so because, by mailing to specific addresses and areas, is very inexpensive, if compared to let’s say sending postcards.

*Personalized message:  Direct mail gives you the opportunity to

 Personalize message and graphics to tell the story of your candidate to your prospective voters.

*Target audience, demography gender and other related things about your candidate.

When sending political mail to voters, it is imperative that you include important information of the elections such registration dealings, voting dealing, polls venue, as well as other information, such as who you are, what you are, and why they should vote for your candidate.

Also in sending these mail, you need to keep your text concise precise to be easily scanned. Use bold colors and contrast in other to draw the eye to the critical content. Use large format mailers to grab attention also. Make sure you take advantage of this platform as the elections circle is almost around the corner again.

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