Five Reasons Why You Should Give Political Direct Mail A Try

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1) The Return On Investment Is In Your Favor

According to a USPS study, 60% of business believe that a direct mail marketing investment won’t yield the same ROI as a digital campaign. However, this study demonstrates that the ROI is the same and with its other physical impacts, it could actually lead to more motivational results than a digital marketing campaign alone.

2) Mail is More Likely To Have An Action Driven Response

According to a neuromarketing study, direct mail is 20% more likely to drive your audience to action. The more sensory features added the more the motivation ratio boosted. In this study, the more curated mail out performed the non-curated mail by 30% than all other digital mediums. If you want to have an impact that actually moves your audience to go and vote, direct mail marketing has the ability more than other mediums.

3) Mail is More Personal

Social mediums are so crammed that it leaves receiving mail as an empty medium. However, statistics show that people still like to receive mail and believe it is more personal. The more individualized an experience, the more likely your audience will resonate with your campaign and your message.

4) People Prefer Mail over Email

According to Voters and Mail, almost two-thirds (63 percent) of registered voters in the United States say they have either voted early in-person or by absentee ballot at some point in their voting history.  According to the USPS, even millennials like to sort, read, and scan their mail more than any other generation. If you move your marketing strategy tactics along these facts, your campaign will have a better chance at succeeding

5)Direct Mail Gives Results

In the same neuromarketing study, it takes 20% less energy to process and retain that in information. This makes your mail marketing easy to absorb and hence a pleasurable experience for your audience. This allows your campaign to resonate positively with your audience thus propelling them to remember your candidate’s campaign and ultimately give them your vote.

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