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Dear [Name of Addressee],

How are you? I am writing to tell you about my [name of holiday] holiday.

My [name of holiday] has been really fun. It was a really exciting and thrilling [name of holiday] for me. I travelled to [name of place] in the hillsides of [name of location]. It was such a beautiful and majestic place where the green waters of the lake meet up with the blue sky on the horizon and where the hilltops and the trees swayed in fashion with the sweet air breeze. I went rowing down the vast expanse of the river with a small boat that my father lent me. I was in momentary bliss catching fish and picking fruits and berries from the groves. I simply wished to live there forever.

I heard you were going over to [name of place]. Tell me about your vacation as well. I’m sure you also had a lot of fun. Wishing you all the best.

Your friend,

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