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NASA is the most successful space exploration organization in the world. The organization employs around 18,000 varied public employees and collaborates with several more US contractors, academics, and foreign and commercial partners to explore, discover, and extend knowledge for the benefit of humankind. NASA supports roughly 312,000 employment throughout the United States, creating more than $64.3 billion in total economic output. With an annual budget of $23.2 billion in the Fiscal Year 2021, NASA accounts for less than 0.5 percent of the entire government budget in the United States (Fiscal Year 2019).

NASA conducts research on the Earth, such as its climatic conditions, our Sun, our solar system, and even beyond, through its twenty centers and sites across the country — as well as the nation’s only National Laboratory in space. They do research, testing, and development to enhance aeronautics, including supersonic flying and electric propulsion. They create and finance space technologies that allow future exploration and improve the quality of life on Earth which is helping humanity in many ways.

NASA has been working on many great projects since its inception, such as going to the moon. Their current goal is to explore Mars, for which they are collaborating with a number of US companies and international partners, and soon other humans will be on the moon thanks to NASA’s space exploration programs. Along with those key goals, the organization shares what it learns to improve the lives of people globally. For instance, businesses use NASA findings and technology to develop new items for the general population. NASA also supports STEM education activities with a focus on boosting diversity in our future workforce to assure the agency’s and nation’s future prosperity.

Each week, the NASA Communications Office gets hundreds of letters from across the globe, and they make every effort to deliver accurate information and responses to queries. Individuals also submit their research with NASA through a letter, and you may do the same. You never know when you could get fortunate and get a job at NASA, so don’t be hesitant to share your study with NASA. However, before making a request for information, they urge you to search the NASA Web site for the information you want or the answers to your concerns. 

You may also send the letter to your favorite NASA Astronaut, as many people do, and write to their favorite astronauts to express their love for them. You may also send them an autograph request but bear in mind that if your message is too long, there is a potential that it will be rejected when sent to the individual astronaut since they do not have much time to read your whole letter. Additionally, NASA urges you to explore utilizing one or more of the following simple and convenient communication options to stay informed about NASA’s important activities.

If you want your letter to be sent to NASA, you may send it to the following address.

NASA Headquarters

300 E. Street SW, Suite 5R30

Washington, DC 20546

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