How To Send A Letter To London?

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If you’re writing a letter to England, it’s critical that you address it properly to ensure that it reaches its intended recipient. When addressing it, insert the recipient’s names, address, and postcode in the lower-left corner. Then, before mailing the letter, you’ll need to include the necessary postage on the envelope. When mailing a letter to London, follow the instructions below while writing the letter to London as it will assist you.

Step 1

Addressing the Letter to the Kingdom of England

In the envelope’s bottom left corner, put the recipient’s name and address. When sending a letter to England, the recipient’s information is placed on the bottom left, rather than the middle, of the envelope. Print in bold, readable letters and numbers to ensure that the courier can read it easily.

Step 2

On the first line, print the individual’s whole name. Allow sufficient space at the bottom of the envelope for the remainder of the recipient’s information, including their address. Keep in mind that formal letters need a formal greeting.

For instance, the first line may read: Dr. Kanye West

Step 3

If you’re writing letters to a business, provide the company name. If you are writing to a business address instead of a home address, you must include a business entity under the recipient’s name. This will assist the courier in determining the letter’s intended recipient.

Thus far, the letter should seem as follows:

The XYZ Company

Dr. John Smith

Step 4

Insert the recipient’s street address or post office box under the recipient’s name. If you’re mailing the letter to a residential address, the street name and home number should appear under your name. If the letter is being sent to a P.O. Box, provide the P.O. Box number in this section.

A P.O. Box will be labeled as “P.O. Box 888.”

If the letter is sent to a business, provide the street address under the business name.

As of now, the letter should seem as follows:

Dr. John Smith

XYZ Company

4123 Abbey Street

Step 5

Underneath the street address, record the city or town’s name and postcode. Begin by writing the town or city’s whole name without punctuation, followed by a space and the postcode. If you did not get the postcode with your address request, you may find it online at

London, Manchester, and Liverpool are the three biggest cities in England.

The letter should appear as follows:

Dr. John Smith

XYZ Company

4123 Abbey Street

Manchester WIP5HQ

Step 6

Under the postcode, type “England.” The final column of the address must indicate the nation to which the letter is being sent, in this example, England. This informs the postal provider to deliver the mail to the particular region.

Dr. John Smith

XYZ Company

4123 Abbey Street

Manchester WIP5HQ


Now you know how to write a letter to London, you will be able to send your letter to London with no difficulty.

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