How To Send A Letter To Puerto Rico?

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Sending a postcard or letter inside the United States is rather straightforward: in most circumstances, you may just attach a single stamp to the top left corner and send it on its way. However, if you begin mailing mail beyond the continental United States, the postage requirements grow far more complicated.

Puerto Rico is among the most perplexing locales. Puerto Rico, a US territory (surrounded by water), is a synthesis of local and international shipping rules. This article discusses the ideal carriers for deliveries to Puerto Rico, the shipping criteria for mail to Puerto Rico, and the postage needs for regular postcards, envelopes, and packages. Puerto Rico is a US territory comprised of 143 islands, cays, islets, and atolls. It is situated 2,191 miles southwest of the continental United States, which complicates transportation between them somewhat more than ordinary domestic goods.

Federal Express (FedEx), the United States Postal Service (USPS), and the United Parcel Service (UPS) all ship to Puerto Rico. USPS is the most cost-effective method of sending to Puerto Rico for the majority of packages, since USPS considers Puerto Rico to be a domestic mailing zone. This enables you to take advantage of domestic pricing and delivery timeframes.

FedEx and UPS both ship to Puerto Rico at international rates. This implies that items will take longer to arrive and will likely be more costly. However, there are several circumstances in which FedEx or UPS remain the superior alternative.

Puerto Rico addresses are identical to those in the mainland United States. Execute the remaining addresses:


Urbanization (if needed)

Street Address

City, State ZIP Code


John Wick

URB Maple Valley

111 Calle 123

Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00959

Additional details about each column of the address are shown below:

Line 1:

This line should include the recipient’s or company’s name.

Urbanization – Line 2 (if needed)

In Puerto Rico, it is common for street names and addresses to be duplicated within the same ZIP code. Puerto Rico utilizes urbanizations to distinguish between these locations. Urbanizations are denoted by the abbreviation “URB,” followed by the urbanization’s name.

Line 3: Address

It is critical to pay close attention to the sequence of the address’s sections when writing the street address. In many addresses in Puerto Rico, the street type or suffix appears before the street name. For instance, rather than 111 123rd Street, you’ll write 111 Street 123.

Additionally, the majority of street names have Spanish suffixes. For instance, you will see “Calle” in place of “Street” and “Avenida” in place of “Avenue.” It is critical to utilize the proper wording while dealing with these suffixes. When the suffix is translated into yet another language, it may render your letter undeliverable.

Line 4: ZIP Code for City and State

The city, state, and ZIP code will be identical to those found in the continental United States. When filling out this section, be sure to include “Puerto Rico” as your state.

You may quickly send your letter to Puerto Rico now that you know how to compose a letter to Puerto Rico.

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