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Did you know that you can effectively source for customers for your business, right from the comfort of your living room or office cubicle? Yes you can! All you need is your writing pad and pen, or better still, your typing computer and a printer. It is easy to think that a lot more people do not have the time or enthusiasm for letter reading; the way it used to be before the electronic methods overtook the scene. Well, this is not necessarily correct as a reasonable never of persons would still read anything attractive and well scripted out.

Now, this is where to leverage on for your business. If you could write a direct mail letter, and send it to various prospective clients and customers, then you could be sure of getting some impressive feedback. But then, anyone adopting this method of communication must sure know how to write a direct mail letter, and in the appropriate way.

Essential components of a well written direct mail letter

What differentiates a poorly written direct mail letter and an excellent result producing one, can be summarized in a couple of characteristic traits.

Firstly, a direct mail letter should ideally be conversational with an undertone of friendliness and good disposition to the intended receiver. It should carry the required persuasiveness that could convince the reader to ultimately see reasons why they need this product, and must get it. If you’re not yet able to bring this required touch to the letter, then you need to rework it and bring it to top notch.

Note that, your discussion in the letter must not loss the tone energy, as well as the convincing ability it had carried from the start. This would make the recipient read all of the mail, and consequently feel geared to take the action you expect.

In addition to these, make sure that the letter is well packaged in an attractive envelop that makes the recipient want to tear it open without wasting time.

The basic instructions for direct mail letter writing

  • Write in clear but detailed language. The direct mail letter writer (and importantly, your company) is made up of the professionals who know what they’re doing. It is thus important that you communicate in simple but well articulated language. This would help you effectively pass the message across.
  • Make the letter focus on the receiver; emphasize on the word “you”. This gives an impression that you’re writing about the reader and the intended benefits for them, as well as the fact that you care about them.
  • Fix in a CTA at the end, just where it is appropriate. All through the course of the letter, you should have been building some kind of momentum in the reader that makes them want to take the action you expect. After all of these, the next thing to make them do, is to actually lead them to it.
  • Be clear about what you want them to do. In a direct mail letter like this, there is no need beating around the bush. Go straight to indicate what the readers are expected to do concerning all you’ve mentioned.

In conclusion

A direct mail letter is basically a marketing tool, and should be treated as such. When writing, ensure to strikingly incorporate every marketing skill that is required, but in the appropriate proportions only.

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