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Time management is a crucial factor when using direct mails as a campaign strategy. Timing is really important especially when you are trying to acquire more supporters. You have to know the most appropriate time range when sending your mails, and calculate how long it will take to reach the mailbox of your preferred demographic.

With elections just around the corner you may not have the luxury of time anymore. Here are some guidelines to note when trying to maximize productivity of direct mails.

Pay Attention To Deadlines

A stich in time they say, saves nine. All deadlines need to be noted and recorded. Deadlines for registration, absentee forms, or even meet and greets should be taken seriously. Unlike deep rooted supporters which usually anticipate forthcoming elections because of their respective candidates, most voters do not tune in until when elections are an inch away. Advice: Try not to mail anything until 90 days to the elections. If you must, make sure that the content is different to prevent repetition. You can switch up your direct mails. Rather than sending your agendas every month, you can send reminders for registration deadlines and itineraries. This will make citizens who are indifferent about your campaign to actually look forward to receiving your direct mails because of the vital information embedded in it. In essence, get your facts about your demographic right, if they prefer absentee voting or by mail let your direct mail relate accordingly.

Know Your Dropdates

When sending bulk direct mails to people it is important to know the date in which the mail will arrive its destination. The United States Postal Service (USPS) takes care of delivery, unless you are in need of a more private delivery company. The dropdate is the day your campaign letter arrives at the postal service via your fax or printer.  Postal services now have the facilities to provide tracking enablement so that candidates can track their mails accordingly and know if it gets to the wrong location. Recognize that the mails will arrive at the mailbox of your voters within 2-5 working days which sucks especially during the holiday season. So if as a candidate, you are holding off sending your direct mails till the last few weeks before elections it may likely reach your voters houses after the election.

Use The Right Tags

The type of tag you use determines what kind of package it is and how fast it will get to its destination. Red tags on bulk trays and pallets mean the mail is a campaign direct mail and it will be distributed accordingly. Tags can be fastened by the printing company or provided by the USPS. To ensure prompt package visibility by the USPS personnel especially when time is running out use tag 57.


The saying goes there is time for everything. Getting prompt delivery of your direct mail to your constituents is really critical in political campaigns. In order for people to not receive your mails after the elections, use the guidelines above.

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