Resurgence of Direct Mail in Healthcare Marketing

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There’s no doubt to the fact that the use of direct mail in marketing have significantly declined over the past few years. The more marketers switch to digital and social media marketing, the more they abandon what was once gold to them. The major reason for this massive migration of marketers is the wider reach that both digital and social media bring to them. The marketing world is no different at all. Medical marketers are also joining in the rush, in fact leading the revolution in some regions.

This has resulted to more budget being pumped into the new channels. Recent statistics revealed that the new channels is now getting a pump in worth over $70 Billion. Now that’s incredible figure, very incredible, but it’s the reality we live in.

It is worthy to be noted that despite this surge, traditional media like radio, television and print are not completely extinct. They are In fact still preferred by some marketers for the brand support and a lot of other elements they are known for. Most marketers even try to balance the new strategies with these old ones.

In all these rush, one traditional promotional strategy is slowly and quietly making a come back in the marketing world. Direct mail seems to be rising from its death, especially in the world of healthcare marketing. People are asking meaningful questions on why a strategy that seemed so completely dead is having a massive comeback. After careful research, here’s a few reasons we’ve found for this comeback.

  • Seniors may have a thing for Facebook and other social media, but there is still the special feel they get from the additional information always provided by direct mail.
  • Technology has permeated a lot of aspects of life. Direct mail is no different. New advancements have facilitated the massive come back. Direct mail are no longer¬† boring and stagnant as they used to be. Now they come with interesting features like videos, sounds and even smells.
  • Marketers know the advantages of multi-channel marketing and it is obvious that no strategy offers marketing in diversified channels like direct mail. This will even help you get better shot towards having a great level of engagement.
  • Recent researches show that direct mail offer a more easy to understand marketing. It is even placed that it requires up to 21% less cognitive effort for marketing targets to process and understand direct mails.
  • Direct mail brings a personal touch to your marketing campaigns. You can tell more in just one reach when using direct mail than you would probably have done when using a banner ad.
  • You don’t even have to fight for attention when using direct mail, as much as you would have done when using email.


We are in a time when marketers have to think out of the box to have their messages grab the attention of readers. There are a lot of modern touches you can give to your direct mail that calls on the consumer to open your mail.

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