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Direct Mail Has Motivational Power

It is so hard to get people to take action, even if they’re passionate about it. That’s why direct mail marketing has a unique effect on motivating audiences versus digital media.
According to a neuromarketing study in Canada, the motivational impact direct mail marketing has is 20% higher than digital media. This study also demonstrates, “Digital marketing requires more brain power than direct mail. This is a critical point because consumers always prefer the path of least resistance.” The more engaging and less difficult something is to process the more likely a voter will trust your campaign.

People Rely On Print

Print is tangible and engages more senses, hence making opening and reading the content a   memorable experience. These experiences are the attitudes and feelings your voters will attach to your campaign and will influence the way they vote.

 Voters and Mail found that 82 percent of registered voters want campaign mail to address a candidate’s position on the issues. Likewise, 74 percent of voters indicated that they were interested in campaign mail that contrasts the candidate with their opponent on the issues, and 73 percent were interested in campaign mail that illustrated the candidate’s voting record on past issues.

According to the same study, almost two-thirds (63 percent) of registered voters in the United States say they have either voted early in-person or by absentee ballot at some point in their voting history.  According to the USPS, even millenials like to sort read and scan their mail more than any other generation.

These statistics demonstrates the power direct mail marketing has. Its effect on the public and the way the public views print and mail demonstrates the emotional and psychological connections that empower people to take action. This is how direct mail marketing will improve your campaign and your chances of winning. Allow LetterHub to make this a reality. 

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